Wildlife Wednesday: All the Small Things

Sometimes. they’ll pose for you…

Other times, you have to take what you can get…

(I thought she was facing me when I took this. Time for new glasses?)

Here’s one from the wildlife camera along the west wall:

I hope that mink was on the trail of a rabbit. Or two!


20 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: All the Small Things

  1. I have the large winged creatures around the Lantanas They are pesky but not dangerous. I’m glad you got the mink!!

    • Thanks, Claire. They’re like small weasles. Fun to watch them hunt; they’re so methodical. Last summer, I watched one chasing a small rabbit in some tall grass. He would lift his head, sniff, and then move in a grid pattern in the area where he thought it was. When he lost the scent, he went back to the beginning and started over.
      The bunny got away that time…

  2. Add me to the list of those who’ve never seen a mink. Your little corner of Rhode Island is just full of wonderful things. Deer, bunnies, dragonflies, mink, a blueberry-eating Li’l Angel, and a bucket-wearing Bear. Oh, yeah. Smiles. I bet there are plenty of smiles in your neck of the woods, too. 🙂

    • I had lived on this island for 10 years before I ever saw one…it ran across the road in front of my car. I wasn’t quite sure what I’d seen.
      I wish the Buckethead could spend more time down here…we usually go up to see him, like we did yesterday. Smiles? If I could sell them, I’d make a fortune! 😀

  3. Nice mink!! I wish ours would come back to take care of the bunnies and muskrats. Your dragonfly looks like one I saw in the woods today, but it wasn’t as cooperative as yours.

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