Angel’s Buckethead Cousin

A.K.A. Niko-Man:

Busy day today, so this is a ‘cheat’ post.

But, it’s a cute one.

Thanks to his Mama the Butterfly for sharing it!



17 thoughts on “Angel’s Buckethead Cousin

    • There’s a comment that will be TOTALLY lost on at least half the folks here 😀
      My son went as *that* Buckethead for Halloween when he was in High School. Easiest costume ever, except the part where I made him ask for an empty chicken bucket from the guy at KFC…He’s a shy boy.

      • LOL! I think I’d have trouble asking for a KFC bucket too. lol!

        I wondered if that comment would make any sense to anyone. Glad you got it. 😀

  1. every time i read the name ‘Bucket Head’ I smile.. Now, gran, how is that going to go down when he gets to Uni! They will all think it is beer he buckets down!! c

    • Let’s hope not…his Daddy doesn’t drink at all, and the Butterfly only has the occasional glass of wine or beer. This kid is more likely to wow everyone with his unicycle skill or something… 😀

    • That’s Niko’s entire summer, in a nutshell. He can’t say ‘outside’ yet, so his solution is to grab the nearest grownup’s hand, pull them towards the door, and place the captured hand on the knob. Once he learns to turn it, they’re sunk.

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