Field Trip

Angel and I had a field trip last week. To a REAL field. With REAL animals…

On a REAL farm. A farm that has been in the same family for over 350 years, that continues to survive and thrive here in our little part of the world.

We were already well-aquainted with the wonderful things they grow and raise at Simmons Farm. Their eggs, yogurt, goat cheese, and produce – Hey! I can’t grow everything we need, even though I try! – regularly find their way into my market basket at the Saturday Farmer’s Market. Today, we were going to the farm’s petting zoo, to acquaint ourselves with some of the animals.

Angel quickly introduced herself to a roaming Fainting Goat and a young turkey…

then got down to the business of making some new friends.

A little snack always helps break the ice.

Girls can always discuss hairstyles…”How DO you get it so soft, Lambie?”

Once you’re accepted by part of the group…

The rest of the gang won’t be far behind!


Not that kind of ‘behind’.

Simmons Organic Farm, Middletown, RI

Please click over to read about the farm, its history, and the things they do. If you’re in the area, do stop by for a visit!


21 thoughts on “Field Trip

  1. The photo “the rest of the gang” has me chuckling away, what a great photo. and if I was more awake or on the case I would think of some witty caption – but as it’s Monday morning and I’m meant to be working my brain is somewhat dulled !

  2. I know this was a fun day for Angel. She will be all ready for the county fairs in the fall, having already met and petted the animals. Have a good week!!

  3. What a day of discovery for your Angel! And you can tell she was pre-occupied. Just look at all of the photos you were able to take. In addition to your Free Fridays, Marie, maybe you need a herd of goats. ((Ducking to avoid being hit by whatever that was!))

    • I love them, too. The little brown one that was into the feed pail is a Fainting Goat. I had to move her to get a second cup of feed, and she ‘startled’ and fell over. Poor Angel thought that I had pushed her down!

    • They’re sweet, but Karla (who owns the farm) says that this one can’t be contained. She occzasionally brings her friends outside the fence with her, too. Poor TonTon would have a breakdown with goats around!

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