Garden Babies

Botanical Babies, that is!

The cucumbers are coming in fast and furious. Saturday is going to have to be a pickle-making day, or there won’t be room in the fridge for anything else…

That should put me just ahead of the coming glut of green beans. They go so quickly from Just Enough For A Meal to Holy Cow! Get Them In The Freezer!

We’ve gotten a few ripe hybrid tomatoes, but the heirlooms and the Romas are still green.

Maybe it’s Beginner’s Luck, but the melons are setting fruit like crazy! The plants are sturdy, and show no signs of powdery mildew (like the cukes) or bug damage (like the squash). I took this photo two days ago. Since then, it’s doubled in size.

Angel’s pumpkins have their first female buds, but no fruit yet that we can find. Although, we might have missed something, in the depths of the Pumpkin Jungle…

See what I mean?


24 thoughts on “Garden Babies

  1. wow, your pumpkin jungle is fantastic and your garden is looking so good,I am deeply envious. How did I end up with such a rubbish year! I am going to miss pickles! c

    • You have a TON of critters to care for, I just have plants. They never have to be rounded up and put back after breaking through a fence…
      Wish you were close enough to share the cucmbers with – I have plenty, and no canning buddies in the neighborhood!

  2. Such great pictures of a garden that had a shaky start. Good for you, Maire. You obviously worked hard during what little time you had and it’s paying off. I hope it’s not “the bigger the leaves, the bigger the pumpkin” or you going to need a crane to pick Li’l Angels’s halloween pumpkin.

  3. Chloe is learning how to Pose for the camera. Her pumpkins make a great background. I hope she gets some she can carve/eat!!

  4. WOW you saved the best photo till last Marie, that is a Jungle, and lil’Angles does look little in front of it. Loved the teeny babies all perfectly bright green and getting ready to GO !

  5. Jungle is right…I can’t believe the size of the leaves in the pumpkin patch. I just picked 5 heirloom tomatoes so that makes a total of ten. They are just not turning red as fast as they usually do.

    • It’ll be the first of September before we have ripe heirlooms…but the hybrids (beaverlodge series) are tasty, and coming on quickly.
      I haven’t grown pumpkins since James was in kindergaten – had forgotten just how enormous the leaves are!

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