Early Morning at the Beach

Favorite Uncle had to be at work at 6:30 on Monday. His Boss is on vacation, and he’s had a couple of early mornings in the last week. He has no car, so, Nice Mama that I am, I give him a ride when I can. He walks to work most days, but an hour’s stroll to get there by 10 is a bit different from starting before sunrise along one of our busiest streets…

Naturally, any time Uncle is involved, Angel is there, too…

I knew that the second she heard his footsteps on the stairs, she’d be out of bed like a shot, ready to ride over with us. She didn’t let me down! The morning was cool-ish, but promised to be hot and humid by noon.

Perfect for an early-morning trip to the beach.

The water is warm this time of year, and the waves are gentle on our little stretch of tidal river. Our Girl’s not much for swimming yet, but no one can resist a bit of wading and splashing, can they?

Especially when the shallows are teeming with tiny life….crabs, fish, weeds…

There was plenty of time – and space – for digging and collecting. The half-dozen cars that were in the parking lot when we arrived belonged not to other early-risers, but had been stuck overnight when the gate was closed at 9. We saw not one other human while we were there…

Angel has been to the Big Beach a few times this summer with Grandad. The loud, rolling ocean is just a little overwhelming for her yet. Our little up-the-river beach might be lacking in sand and excitement, but it’s a perfect training ground for a Wee One.

We stayed until about 8, and then headed home to have our yogurt and start our chores…

We’ll be back.

Soon, I hope.


29 thoughts on “Early Morning at the Beach

  1. You finally made it to the beach Marie. and she does look rather wistful looking out to sea – so any possibilities but so huge, especially for a lil one.
    Oh and next time you go you could play Beach / French Cricket πŸ˜‰

  2. That’s a great way to start the day, for one of any age but especially for a young one. Can you imagine where her imagination is taking her? Have a great weekend!!

  3. Now this the way to start the day. She sure is having a great Summer, Marie. You’ve shown/taught her so much these past few months. Speaking of which, General, am I mistaken or did you win the Great Potty War of 2012? πŸ™‚

    • SIGH…no. She has days when it’s good, and days when I think she’ll be wearing Pull-Up’s at her high school graduation…The director of the preschool she’ll be attending in the fall says not to worry, as soon as she’s in a roomful of kids who are all going at once, she’ll get it. Her daughter was like that…I hope she’s right.

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