Recharging Our Batteries

Bedtime, one night last week. Angel had given Grandad his goodnight kiss and the briefest of hugs.

“Aw, come on,” he said. “You can do better than that…”

“No, Grandad,” she replied with a heavy little-girl sigh, “I can’t. My batteries are all runned down…”

I know exactly how she feels…

It was a weekend when nothing (save Angel’s laundry) got done. No photos were taken. No weeds were pulled. No pickles were made. We mustered the energy to walk around the yard a time or two in the near-unbearable humidity, and gather the ripe tomatoes and green beans, but any more than that was simply beyond us.

We were cranky – all of us.

So, now it’s Monday. First day of the week, and I’m already behind. The weather is a bit drier, even if it’s not cooler. Angel’s been awake since 5, so there was no chance for a quality visit with my coffee mug this morning. The post is late.

Obviously, I’m still a little cranky…

Sorry. That sounds horrible, now that I read it back. Very Not Me….

Think I’ll go stare at clouds for a while, and try to recover both my energy and my attitude…

Thanks for listening, gang.


27 thoughts on “Recharging Our Batteries

  1. Everyone’s allowed to be cranky now and then – especially in that heat! Hope it cools down for you – the dog days of August must be over soon. I think/hope ours are done. We’ve had some wonderful cool nights here, and a breeze for a few days, so our batteries are recharging!

  2. Perhaps, could you do like a friend : he goes to the Champ de Mars, he choose a tree with a big trunk, and put his back again. That fill you in energy. An oak is the best….
    Try and say me !

  3. Sorry to hear that you have a battery problem. I hope all of you get recharged soon. I understand, thank you Angel for giving me a new word after a long drive!!!

  4. This is you cranky? Goodness, Marie! Come by here some morning and I’ll show you cranky!
    With the heat & humidity that you’ve had, a little crankiness is practically required. Our weather “feels” like it’s changed. I hope it comes your way — and quickly.

  5. How gorgeous that Angel came out with that, I love when little kids say stuff that is that cute.
    Not good to hear about the heat, hope you get some relief from it soon. I know how draining it can be. I’m a little worried about how hot it is there, I hope it doesn’t mean we are going to be in for another record breaking summer, not sure I could cope.

    • There’s an old saying that Extremes follow Extremes with weather. If it’s true, we’re in for a cold, snowy winter…
      I love it when the little ones start playing around with word combinations and making analogies – it means they’re learning!

      • So there is hope I will get the snowy photos that I missed from last winter. We are having a very cold winter, so we are no doubt in for that hot summer.
        It is great when they start doing that, fun times ahead.

  6. Every one of us knows how this is! All we can do is plow along steadily and look for a glimpse of the sun between the heavy clouds–and they *do* generally reappear, really they do. May you see the sun even if it takes a pair of industrial-strength rosy glasses to do it. And may you, in the meantime, find some calm and patience that allow you to be still and still Be; it’s allowed, you know! Now that I’m here so late and Angel’s b’day extravaganza lies in wait, may the inner reserves of strength and energy and JOY well up and take over. Happy days ahead, my sweet. 🙂

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