Autumn Approaches

Despite the recent heat, the signs of change are appearing all across the region. Our midday temperatures are still high, but the mornings and evenings bring a cool breath that foreshadows what’s to come…

There are plenty of signs to be found if you look. In ditches and forgotten fields, the goldenrod is spreading its airy branches and opening its flowers.

Nearby cattail reeds are going to seed, the tight, brown ‘tails’ loosening to release their silky down, helped along by hungry finches.

The elderberries hang their heads low, bending under the weight of ripe fruit. A recent newspaper article declared our region to be two weeks ahead of schedule for fall fruits…

Looks about right to me….


32 thoughts on “Autumn Approaches

  1. Love the first picture… the skies are beautiful at this time of year! Now you’ve got me thinking… I must go and check how far our elderberries are, as I don’t want to miss them! Do you just eat the grapes fresh, or do you have enough for wine?

    • The grapes are wild Concord – good for jelly and juice, but too sweet for wine. I don’t usually get many of them. The best ones are 30 feet up in the tops of the trees! The birds and sqirrels feast, though…

  2. Every day we wake up to very cool weather 44* this morning…COOL! The heat rises to around 90* in the afternoon, but then starts the cool off. We are three weeks early here also. My garden of veggies is SLOW to maturing…I’ve only had a tiny few tomatoes to slice …Terry is predicting a very early hard freeze. Guess we will just wait and see, as there is really nothing else to do.


    • 30 feet up in a maple tree! One of these days, I’ll prune them down so we can reach them…
      You’re right about the smell, though. Once they start to fall, the whole place has the aroma of Welch’s Grape Juice 😉

  3. Though I do agree that the signs of Fall’s approach are all around us, I tend to ignore them for as long as I can. Although I really do enjoy Fall, it’s what follows that I try to forestall. I’ve yet to be completely successful but i keep trying.

  4. Great photos, wonderful thoughts of fall. I always think of the lost elm tree in all it’s yellow glory. It seemed to happen overnight. I had a good drive today, left early, no rushing!!

  5. You know I am hoping for snow this year, I want lots of photos. I hope you will get some relief soon. We haven’t had any early signs of spring, it is has been so cold here. Though I am noticing it is getting lighter here earlier.

  6. Ok, I am SO GLAD that you labeled those as elderberries! I took photos last week in our back yard and we have them but I didn’t know what they were!!! Anne of Green Gables talks about elderberry wine…hmmmm…perhaps new vistas are opening to me! Ha. We’re the same here in MN for weather – hot days, cool nights/mornings/evenings. I can take that.

      • So, today was the day the kids and I were going on a grape hunt. Left the house at 8. Returned home with several pounds of wild grapes by 8:45. Who knew our next door neighbor had them in his backyard???? I need to be more aware of my surroundings!!!!

          • 24 jars of DELICIOUS jam from about 8 or 9 lbs. of wild grapes!!!! This was my first time canning. It’s time consuming, but rewarding!!! I am going to make some apple butter with local apples a little later in the week. I also want to try making some hot pepper jelly from the peppers in my garden!!!!

            • Fabulous! We’re doing Tomato-Basil Jam on Wednesday (Hope to post the recipe on Friday!) and going apple-picking in Mass on the 28th. I’ll dry some of them, and do applesauce with most of the rest…

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