We Made It!

Whew! What a week…

Messy, stressful, chaotic, LOUD….but, ultimately, survivable.

Our Guest of Honor needed very little instruction in the Finer Points of Ripping Things Open…

The adults all behaved themselves; no sniping allowed.

The food was a hit. Cake and ice cream, cheese and fruit, chips and dip, and a white bean and tomato salad that I’ll share in a day or three, if all goes according to plan…

No one enjoyed the cake quite like Niko-Man…

Angel’s parents were there, and to our great relief, there was no Drama. They played with her, she showed them her things, her room, her pumpkin patch. When it was time for them to leave, she stood on the porch and waved goodbye, then went back to her regular routine…

With a few new additions.

The face says it all, don’t you think?

Things are mostly back to normal now. A few shriveled balloons and leftover party hats are hanging around as reminders. Angel is back on her normal sleep schedule; Grandad and I mostly are… Thanks to all of you out there in BlogLand for your thoughts and prayers.

It would have been worth it, if only for this picture:

Happy Birthday, Angel.

Now, on with the show!


38 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. Oh thank goodness everyone played nice. nothing like The Mother laying down the rules! I adore the shot of Niko EATING his plate!! and of course grandad and angel rolling off down the walk, she in her lovely new red wagon and he in his suspenders, jacket OFF! brilliant.. really good,, and whew indeed, now you can all slide gracefully into late late summer..now quick you three get out into the garden before the phone rings!! c

  2. Wonderful, wonderful!! Great party, great pictures!! Thanks for sharing a day in the life of one lucky little girl. Like Ceciliag, I love the picture of her in the red wagon but my favorite is her with Grandad and the cake. Lots of love there!! Glad to hear that things are getting back to normal.

  3. Oh PHEW !!! I’ve been thinking of you all week Marie, so I’m so pleased it all went well. And what a happy birthday girl she is, and isn’t she changing and growing?! It’s remarkable that she waved goodbye to her parents, to be honest that was the bit I was dreading the most, how kids adapt and roll is fabulous, but so much of that is down to you! Well done, I know it’s hard work, it’s frustrating at times but what a wonderful life you are giving.

    • It’s what I was worried most about, too. To be honest, she acted the way she does when her Favorite Uncle has to go home. Now, if only I could get her parents to stop saying thing like, “Pway in da gwass” to her when she talks to them on the phone…Baby steps, right?

  4. Well, that’s a relief! So glad to read the party and get-together was drama-free. Judging from the expressions on her face, Your Angel had a wonderful time. Niko-Man, on the other hand, looks like he just complete his application for the Clean Plate Club. You did good, Marie. Angel couldn’t be in better hands.

  5. These are great! My four year old was sitting next to me and got to giggling happily – she knows exactly what emotion all those pictures represent. What a nice way to share common humanity with others. Thanks for the pause!

  6. I was so happy to read this, I am so glad that everything went well, I was thinking of you all week. It is my baby’s birthday today, she is 17, time flies. Your angel looks like a real lady sitting at the table. I think you did her proud.

  7. I can’t tell you how glad I am that everyone behaved well and the day was a grand success. This greatest gift of Little Miss’s birthday was twofold: a fine party and, better yet, a precedent set for what all should expect and plan for the next time around. Sweet C is in the best of hands, no question. HUGS!

  8. I thought of you all week and sent you peaceful thoughts and patience. Whether or not they made it, it looks as though everything went beautifully. How wonderful of you to put so much energy into creating a magical time for Angel!

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