Wildlife Wednesday: A Surprise

Or, maybe a few surprises…

No sign of No-Feet underneath the beech tree, but he seems to have left his skin behind…

No surprise to see Monarch butterflies this time of year, but to have one stop and pose so near is a treat…

Oh! Hello!

Who is that I see behind you?

Oh, my. This is a surprise….it’s late in the year to have one so small.

Good luck, Mama…

Sorry so blurry; no time to find the tripod…


21 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: A Surprise

  1. Gorgeous photos… what a treat. Thanks for always sharing!
    (I do enjoy every email and post, just not always able to connect and comment :)) We are enjoying the blessings of Spring and I’m loving the warmer days. *Smile*

  2. Love the pictures!! It’s great to see such a variety of creatures, even if one was a skin!! Monarchs should be coming through Oklahoma in a few weeks. The best, though, is mama deer and her baby, still wearing spots. Have a good rest of the week

  3. So nice to share in your walks! and how exciting and surprising when nature pops out at you! While my son has had a snake as a pet before, seeing them outside freaks me out! I’m sure those snakes would hide before attacking, but it’s just a creepy feeling to me!

    • I’ve never had a problem with snakes, but you’ve spent a good deal of time living in places where the poisonous ones outnumbered the harmless, so I can understand…
      Which is not to say that the snakes and I don’t startle each other, on occasion!

  4. You’re right, Marie. It is a little late to see so young a fawn. I don;t think I’ve ever seen one so young this time of year up in Michigan. Finding a sake’s skin sure is a rarity. It’s certainly not something I’ve seen every Summer. It’s all further proofs that you really do have a nice piece of property to walk about and enjoy. 🙂

    • Winter can come down on us hard and fast around here. If the food supply drops sharply, the little one will go hungry. It’s sad, but it’s kind of the Way of Things…
      Yep, that’s a snake skin. I love finding them.

  5. Thank goodness you softened the blow with some cute deer. I have a complete phobia of snakes! If I saw that I would have dropped my camera and ran as fast as little bunny back to my home.

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