We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Feature…

To bring you this special presentation ofย  The First Day Of Preschool…

Forty-five minutes before time to leave.

She got tired of waiting.

“Grandmom, I’m just going to ride my bike…”

“To school?”


“It’s a long ride…”

“Ok. I’ll ride my ladybug.”


“I have a better idea, Angel. Wait just a few more minutes…”

Now, isn’t this better?

She had a wonderful first day, and can’t wait to go back on Thursday!

Wildlife Wednesday will return next week, at its regularly scheduled time…


28 thoughts on “We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Feature…

  1. I agree with Ronnie. I hope school will always be as exciting for her as it was yesterday.

    When I told Nana the about her first day, she had lots of smiles. Not enough of that these days, so thanks, Angel, you helped more than you will ever know!!

  2. Just look at that smile as she waits ever-so-patiently (yeah, right!) for her ride to school! This was a wonderful post, Marie. Thanks for sharing your morning with us. I’m sure the wildlife don’t mind.

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