Change One Little Thing…

And my entire routine has a tendency to collapse like a house of cards…

It’s my least-favorite character trait, and the one I work the hardest at fixing.

Six extra hours of me-time in a week sounds like heaven. I knew the Plan would need some adjustment; a change in Grocery Day, a chance to do a few things without my Little Shadow, maybe a little more time in the garden with the camera…

Would you believe that it threw me off so much that I forgot I had a sitter coming yesterday? Or, that the trash nearly didn’t get put out on the right day?

Sheesh. And I call myself a grownup…

Anyway, enough of my excuses… Enjoy the sunrise. I’ll be back in good form soon, with a little practice. And a lot of luck.


22 thoughts on “Change One Little Thing…

  1. I totally understand. When I stayed with your kids once I thought of Kindergarten for your youngest would give me TIME. I went to the grocery store and was still putting food away when all 3 kids came in the door. After that I took Youngest Child with me to the store. Good move because he knew where everything in the store was and which brand was purchased for your house. Figuring that out gave me time to make a quilt!!! I remember that time with great fondness. Good luck on rearranging your life!!

  2. You are not alone, Marie. One little problem in the morning and suddenly my day is heading off in a completely new direction. I almost expect it to happen every now and again. It keeps things interesting — and that cocktail at the end of the day so tasty. 🙂

  3. Oh, I recently redid my schedule. I was so lost and turned around. Now I am grumpy if it is interrupted. Put my trash out today–with the holiday, pick up isn’t until tomorrow.

    • Don’t you HATE that? There’s no rhyme or reason with our trash guys – sometimes they take Monday holidays off, sometimes they work. We never know when trash will be delayed… After my panic on Tuesday, they didn’t show until Wednesday.

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