Now THAT’S Teamwork!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have melons!

Wednesday evening, we dashed to the garden in a brief, rain-free moment (that was the day the remnants of Hurricane Isaac doused us) and found a pair of blushing cantaloupes. Angel proudly carried them to the kitchen and handed them to Grandad.

Remember the words of our Friendly Farmer? Pick them before they blush…

Ooops. They’re overripe, and not as sweet as I’d hoped. It wasn’t for lack of attention; we tugged on those babies every morning and every evening. They never did ‘slip’, or come off the vine easily.

They’re pretty, though.

Now, here’s the fun part…when I wrote about waiting for the melons to ripen a week or so ago, I got a note from gingerskeeper, who blogs at This Bountiful Backyard. Seems sheΒ  bought some seedlings last spring that were marked “cantaloupe.” They grew well in her garden this summer. Then, while she watched and waited for the characteristic ‘netting’ to form on the fruit, they started exploding…

Ok, it’s called “splitting,” but “exploding” sounds more exciting.

Anyway, after she saw the photos from my garden, she realized what she had wasn’t the same as a supermarket cantaloupe, it wasn’t going to have a netted skin, and they would stop blowing up if she just picked them sooner.

She made some great smoothies from her bounty, too (see link above)

My garden helped solve her mystery, and her mystery solved one for me…I finally understood what a ‘blushing’ melon looked like!

Isn’t blogging great?


30 thoughts on “Now THAT’S Teamwork!

  1. Angel is certainly a happy little girl. I’ll bet she tells her teacher and classmates about her melons!! The newest (and neatest) way to gain information is a blog!! cool!!

  2. Always good to have wisdom from friends, isn’t it?!! Melons are all so different/subtle. And is it true that in America we don’t have “canteloupes” but instead “musk melons”? whatever. They all taste good!

  3. Thanks for the link to my blog, and for the information last week! The melons look delicious. We’ve still had some “explosions” in our garden, even though we check daily for ripeness. Blogging is certainly a good way to share our knowledge and learn from each other!

  4. There’s that smile again, Marie. I don’t know how you managed to keep her from picking them — or wrestled them out of her arms once they were. Now that she has a better idea of what gardening is all about, next year is gonna be fun!

  5. Angel is the star of the show! such a sweetheart! I never know when melons are ready/ripe. I watch people put their fingers on the ends, watch people smell them, rock them shake them, knock them… In the end I usually stand there with one of the little grandmas in the market and ask her to pick one out for me. She is right every time.

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