Whose Version of ‘Useful?’

Down behind the compost pile, in a far corner of the property, there is a ditch. Until last summer, it was a shady, swampy corner, presided over by a giant white willow. Hurricane Irene took care of the shade a little more than a year ago, not long after we had the Yard Guys clean all the junk and bittersweet vines from the area.

Then came the “What are we going to DO with it?” discussion.

In the end, we didn’t do anything with it. Nature did.

I went down to dump a load of weeds and clippings onto the pile yesterday, and walked around behind it to look for squash…

It was like walking into a Butterfly Zoo.

Our damp, unused ditch is filled with goldenrod, Joe Pye Weed, boneset, and other wildflowers.

And butterflies. And honey bees. All drifting about from flower to flower. Drunk on late-season nectar, and seemingly in no hurry to go anywhere…

If I planned for a decade, I couldn’t make better use of this patch of ground.


24 thoughts on “Whose Version of ‘Useful?’

  1. Beautiful! Like a nature reserve on your own property… and such wonderful photos of the butterflies Marie. I bet it was tempting to just sit a while and watch…

  2. The monarchs migrated through SW Oklahoma one year. They were so think on tree branches that they looked like leaves. I doubt they will come again soon since there has been mp consistent rain. Yours are finding lots to eat to ready for their long flight. The photos are great.

  3. Beautiful! Our community garden has a couple of “butterfly garden” plots and it’s amazing how many butterflies they have brought to the community garden. There are so many that I almost take them for granted now.

  4. Nature created a beautiful surprise for you this year…lovely. I haven’t seen so many butterflies as this year as well. Whatever the reason, I sure am enjoying them.

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