Just Pictures

Ok, and a few words…Have you ever known me to be able to Not Talk?

It’s been an exhausting week around these parts. I won’t bore you with the details, but a lot of it stems from my own Failure to Plan, and the feeling of spiralling chaos that it invokes in me…

Or should that be “evokes?” My brain is as foggy as the fields are this morning…

Anyway, anxiety in one family member begets anxiety in others…particularly Small Members…which can lead to giant meltdowns….

And not only among the Preschool set, if you know what I mean…

(Not quite a Laundry Basket moment. But it was a Near Thing…)

I went through the week’s photos this morning, and found a few that are calm and serene. Hoping to just absorb that feeling through my retinas….

Happy Weekend, everyone.

And Mom? Drive safe, ok?


27 thoughts on “Just Pictures

  1. Thanks for the serenity this morning. I may need it, too. The first picture is my favorite. I’m sorry there is chaos in your home. It is amazing how things get scattered when one stays a month!! Nana is settling in well and I feel good about going home. Lots of folks will be checking on her. Hang in there and I hope things get better for you.

  2. what can I say Marie, except that my favourite photo is the third one of the bark with the sun and shadow. Other than that we’ll be here, meltdown or not, kerfuffle or calm, be gentle on yourself my friend.

  3. Calm photos are lovely. They look great Marie.
    I would imagine anything new is going to cause some friction, the excitement of the new thing being over, then comes the tiredness because it is new, I am sure it will all settle down and you will find your way and so will she. I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend.
    I got my internet back, so I am a very happy girl.

  4. i have noted that if one of my animals is even a little bit sick, or tired, or struggling.. it creates a ripple of disquiet throughout the farmy. A state of flux ensues when we all rush from one disaster to the other trying desperately to get the gentling reins back and create our gentle balance again. We rely on that balance to stay healthy really. As in whole farm health. A large amount of that balance can come from the pivot animal, in my case Daisy . Now i am not calling you a cow Marie but you are a pivot animal in your little home. So eat well, stay well hydrated and well rested. So you can stay ahead of the game and still have a life as well whilst tending to the others.. i do hope you get a wee bit of down time this weekend.. love c

    • Thanks, C. I don’t mind being cow, if I’m a pretty one like Daisy 😉
      Angel seems to have brought home the First Cold of the School Year, so our pivot is out-of-whack right now. Everyone’s a little cranky…some more than others.

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