Giving Up

Well, on some things, anyway…others, like the cucumbers, gave up weeks ago. All by themselves…

Our humid climate isn’t kind to members of the squash family. One day, they’re scrambling over everything in sight, covered in lush, healthy leaves and dozens of blooms…

Next day, powdery mildew.

(Don’t worry – Angel’s pumpkins will ripen before all the leaves are gone)

To be honest, the cukes were a disappointment from Day One. Too big, right from the start, to make dainty little cornichons, and an unimpressive flavor. We used a few in salads, and I made a small batch of refrigerator pickles, but the larder isn’t overflowing with things for the Christmas relish tray this fall.

And I’m ok with that. Not sure where I’d have found the time to pickle them anyway…

This is me giving up. On weeding. Next year, all the beds except the direct-seeded salad greens bed will get the newspaper-and-straw treatment. The melons (not in this photo) are nearly weed-free. I’m also hoping it will cut-down on the soil-bourne pests’ attacks on the veggies. We shall see…

Not everything has given up. The green beans are still going strong, giving me plenty for the freezer. The tomatoes have slowed down, but are still coming in. I’ve let some (ok, more than a few) go bad on the counter, but most have been eaten/sauced/frozen-for-later…

And, here’s the surprise of the year:

The Pathetic Peppers have decided to make one last-ditch effort….

Maybe we’ll make Pickled Peppers?



34 thoughts on “Giving Up

  1. I have given up on cucumbers altogether. Last year i got a bumper crop–but they were so bitter we could not eat them. Maybe a pot…hmmm…

    • Ugh…nothing worse than putting time and effort into something, only to be disappointed when it’s done…
      I thought I was getting the same, really wonderful cukes I grew last year, but either the seed house messed up, or there’s more than one variety called “Cornichon de Paris”

  2. I’m considering giving up on cukes, although a friend told me she had great luck with English cukes. I may give it one more go with that variety, but I’m more or less over them. Just too much work. My peppers did a late season Hail Mary too – nice surprise, huh?

    • I usually have a good crop, but this variety wasn’t what I thought it was…
      Naturally, it was also the first year that I grew only one type.
      Don’t give up, if you like them. Or, use the space for something else, and buy the occasional cuke at the farmer’s market πŸ™‚

  3. I know how you feel. My garden is looking tired, and I’m tired too! I wasn’t read for summer to end, but now all of a sudden this week I’m feeling ready to do my fall clean up and then have a nice long break from the weeding and the watering.

  4. It can be frustrating- The mildew got my squash too, and I only got a few rather small butternuts in the end. I decided to harvest my parsnips because they were covered in fly – there were enough for one stew! (But it was delicious!) The rewards are often the little things, like a perfectly formed green pepper! πŸ˜€

    • When the still, humid days arrive in late summer, there’s nothing to do but watch the squash leaves crumble away. With no breeze to dry the dew, it’s ineviable.
      One of these years, I’m going to do parsnips. Carrot Fly has never been a problem for us.

  5. You look to have some nice peppers ripening in the sunshine there! Most of my cucumber and squash plants were killed off by something eating the roots at the seedling stage this year. Still, next year will be better!

  6. I’m back! You’ve had quite a week, I see, and hope the Angel’s cold is better and your family’s “balance” has returned. While the internet was still available, we reviewed your Angel photos, ending with the “Angel with Melons” portrait, her favorite. Zia loved each one and, like the rest of us, thinks it wonderful what you’re doing for her.

  7. I keep going back for cucumbers…not sure why. I have yet to find a pickle recipe I like, I don’t like them raw, and DH doesn’t care for them raw one way or another. Maybe I just like climbing things?

    And hooray Happy Pepper Day! What a lovely surprise.

  8. I’m ready to give up, but can’t seem to make myself do it just yet. We’ll probably have a first frost soon and that will decide matters for me. I wish I could find a way to make that asparagus bed weed itself. I tried straw last year. That just seemed to encourage the weeds.

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