More Signs of Fall

Brrr! The cool, crisp mornings of fall have arrived, just in time for tomorrow’s official First Day. Our Miss Crankypants (yes, we’re still cranky) had a devil of a time choosing which new Fall Outfit to wear to school yesterday…

Apparently, she’s not cranky at school. She saves it all up for when she gets home.

Before we went into Meltdown Mode, she did help me get all the winter squash picked out of the compost pile. The crew is coming on Saturday to mix and turn (among other things) so it was Time. The squash even had the honor of riding in her wagon from the Pile to the Porch. Next week, if I’m reading them right, her pumpkins will get the same treatment.

Welcome back, Fall.


22 thoughts on “More Signs of Fall

  1. Arhh it is that time of the year for you. So typical of kids to be nice at school and little terrors at home, I feel for you. Though I think I would like to take her crankiness over my bad tempered baby at the moment, she argues back and it is to smart for her own good sometimes. Holidays here now for them, two weeks.
    I hope you have a beautiful and colourful autumn.

  2. Sleep is good for “cranky” …. kids and adults. Can’t decide which new outfit t wear, at age 3!! age15 will be….. well, you remember. I’m headed to the grocery store. Have a great weekend. Can’t wait for the pumpkins to be ready to pick!!

  3. Those Cranky Kids! You have to be one or two steps ahead of them all the time.. It is chilly here too, i am not enjoying it actually and have been creeping about doing my work in the Warm Spots.. The animals are happy though! Love the leaf.. c

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