Wildlife Wednesday: Turtles and Clouds

Take a last look. These guys will be hibernating before too much longer…

Our weather has decidedly turned. The days are bright and sunny, but by 3 pm, the breeze has a bite to it. The last two mornings have been in the mid-40’s…

The skies in the evenings are amazing.


29 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Turtles and Clouds

  1. We have gone back to very cold mornings. I don’t know what 40’s in Celsius is, but I can imagine it is cold. I wonder if you will have a white winter this year. We have had a very cold winter. I can’t wait to see Angel playing in the snow.

    • 32F = 0C…that’s the only conversion I know offhand. It’s not freezing, but it’s pretty chilly!
      Much as the snow annoys me – I HATE driving in it – we are all hoping for a cold, wet winter this year. The cold will help take care of the bug problems, and we all need the moisture from the melting snow.
      That said, I’m in no hurry for it to arrive…Christmas is early enough 😀

      • I can understand that, not wanting it to come too early, I doesn’t snow in many places here so it isn’t something we ever experience. I suppose people who don’t get it want it, and those that do don’t. I understand the bug thing, it is spiders here, if we have too mild a summer then the spiders breed too much, also a mild winter usually means the snakes wake up too early which isn’t good.

  2. We’ve got the same weather around here. A few weeks ago, after a brief cold spell, the temps rebounded into the 80’s, at least.. Now, the chill is deeper and the rebound less and less. We don’t have any turtles, though, at least not around here. You didn’t have many photos today, Marie, but the 2 you shared are really quite nice. 🙂

  3. We had rain last night. The lightening was awesome, and no bad storms, so it was a good thing. Your cloud picture is awesome, too. Glad you are back today, I have missed you!!

    • We were supposed to have rain yesterday, but wound up with nothing…glad you got some!
      The Little One’s been sick, and I’m so behind it’s not even funny…I should have a new post tomorrow, if all goes as planned.

  4. I feel the chill too! Our dry Summer has, taken it’s toll on my wild critters–the large pond has dried up to a tiny little puddle. The ducks are gone, as well as the turtles and frogs. I’m not even hearing the Pheasants. 🙂

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