Rainy Day For Apple Picking

Wouldn’t you know it? Our long-planned trip to the apple orchard fell on a record-setting rainy day. Not just the gentle Autumn rain that often falls in New England this time of year, but a series of downpours to match anything I ever experienced growing up on the Wide Open Prairie. More than once, especially on the way home after dark, it was bad enough that traffic slowed to a crawl for safety’s sake, and the Idiots were given wide berth, in hopes that the only injuries incurred by their speed would be their own.

The day was not a loss – far from it, in fact! We had a nice lunch at a sandwich shop, then followed Uncle Joey through the leafy back roads of Central Massachusetts to the orchard for bags of their pre-picked and washed apples and to a local dairy farm to grab a bottle of what I’ve been told is the yummiest milk my daughter has ever had.

Haven’t done the taste-test yet…will report later!

The kids had no trouble amusing themselves…

So we now have a bowl of Macoun apples for eating, and a half-bushel of MacIntosh for sauce. All the reports of a sweeter-than-average crop are true – these are some amazing apples!

The 4 O’clock Photo: Trying Something New

I’m going to try a little exercise…

My camera and I don’t get much time together these days…for lots of reasons. There are lots of things to show you, but I’m out of the habit. To try to get it back, the plan is to take a photo at 4pm, every day for at least the next month, and post it the next morning.

This is the scene I’ll be shooting. I’m standing on the little porch outside the kitchen door, facing west to the empty lot and the woods next door. We can watch the leaves change and fall, and see how the light fades with the coming of winter. Whatever critters/toys/children/weeds are sitting there at the time will simply stay – no editing, no cropping. Some days, I’ll have a ‘real’ post, but others will only be the 4 o’clock photo…I hope no one gets bored.

I have high hopes, though. Yesterday was a dreary, cold, rainy day…right up until 4!


24 thoughts on “Rainy Day For Apple Picking

    • I saw the notification, and knew what had happened…I just gave in and chose email for any blogs that don’t show up more than once. It’s a little frustrating.
      Glad you like the photo – I almost didn’t get one, with people stealing apples out of the bowl πŸ™‚

  1. Exciting and we will see the days closing in too.. A four o’clock deadline will keep you in order!! (laughter!).. I have no time on mine, just to add interest, though i will do it every day until i cannot bear it. Hopefully the whole year.. I won’t get bored with yours though.. you will have kid stuff lying about.. we like kid stuff! take care.. c

  2. The children’s smiles tell the story of their day!! I’m looking forward to the 4 o’clock shot!! I like it when Cleo shows up in pictures.

    • I thought the rain would never end…getting up yesterday to more of it was a kick in the teeth.
      Hope your apple day’s weather is as nice as it is outside today – 62, sunny, and a light breeze! πŸ™‚

  3. Your two little monkeys sure are enjoying themselves in that picture.Yes, a dy in the orchard would have been nice but Plan B doesn’t sound too bad — and you still came home with apples. Your Photo at Phour — or is it Foto at Four? — sounds like a great idea. One thing, though. Just how will you get Sweet Cleo to sit in that same spot every day?

  4. Sounds like the rainy day wasn’t a total disaster, it would seem you had a lot of fun.
    I like the 4pm photo idea, good to help you to get back into the practice of taking photos again. πŸ™‚

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