It’s The Great Pumpkin!

“Hey! Angel! I think it’s time to pick some of the pumpkins….”

Didn’t have to tell her twice!

Yesterday, we loaded two of her five pumpkins into the wagon. Grown from seeds planted by her own chubby, baby fingers back in May…

They all rode together, down from the pumpkin patch, to the sidewalk, and around to the front of the house…

Where they are now decorating the front walk.

The biggest one weighs about 20 pounds.  But, elsewhere in the tiny Ocean State, there dwells a MUCH larger gourd! (Video in the link!)

The 4 O’clock

Lots of glare yesterday, and a little more color on the black cherry tree…


29 thoughts on “It’s The Great Pumpkin!

  1. You and that darling girl are SO clever at growing pumpkins, i cannot grow even one big one to save myself and i don’t want to grow them for decoration i grow them to feed to daisy in the winter, I am so going to enjoy the 4 O’clock.. aren’t we funny! So tell Angel that my cow eats pumpkins. I hope she has no cows loitering at the front gate staring at her pumpkins!! c

    • Odd…you grow other winter squash, don’t you?
      I wish (not for the first time!) that you lived down the road…I’d love to bring Daisy my pumpkins after the Fall Holidays are over. Angel thought it was funny when I told her your big old cow would eat them, if she could 🙂

    • Me too. I don’t need anything else that requires that kind of attention 😉
      They’re for decoration, and the seeds will be roasted for snacks. The deer and squirrels can feast on the shells after they go to the compost pile.

  2. What a great day for Angel! Just look at how happy she looked sharing her wagon with her harvest. Too cute! One of our local stations ran that video yesterday and I wondered if you’d seen it. That one pumpkin is quite the money-maker for its grower — and such a waste of time for the rest of the competition. 🙂

    • You should have seen her trying to put the seat belt on the pumpkin…”No, Grandmom! I can make it work!”
      Those Giant Pumpkin guys are a breed apart…Not only does he win the prize money, he’ll be able to sell the seeds from that monster for 10 or 15 bucks a piece – maybe more!

      • The report I saw said he can get from $300.00 to $500.00 a seed. I tend to believe your report. Love that your Angel was so protective of her pumpkin. That little girl really is something!

    • I haven’t grown decorative pumpkins since my youngest brought home a seedling in kindergarten – 15 years ago. They did pretty well, though! Next year, they’re going in the back field, along with some winter squash we can actually eat 😀

  3. I’m a little late, it was busy around here this morning, getting the REAL Nana ready to come home. I love the look on Angel’s face. What a wonderful experience for her. Tell her that Niko’s GG thinks her pumpkins are awesome!! Tomorrow is a bigger day, if she feels like it, she will get to see all the blogs she has missed.

    • Use them for decorations until November, then toss them on the compost pile for the deer to eat. Well roast some of the seeds for snacks, and save some to replant next year. I’d forgotten how much fun it was to dress the house a little bit for fall… 🙂

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