Wildlife Wednesday: I Got Nuthin’….

I can’t believe it. A whole week with No Critters….

Not that they weren’t around – I saw the young twin fawns (now out of their spots, and wearing grownup brown coats) in the back field, but was without the camera at the time. I also missed what could have been an amazing photo of a turkey vulture that swooped so low overhead, I could see his face. I was too stunned to get the camera up in time, and he didn’t repeat the performance…

So we have WildFLOWER Wednesday this week….

The Four O’clock

Rainy and dreary at 4 pm yesterday…note the absence of a certain Elderly Dog. She was standing behind me, on the dry porch.

Probably wondering why I wanted to go out in this

Trying out a new sitter today – fingers crossed that this one works out!


16 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: I Got Nuthin’….

  1. Sweet Cleo is a smart dog. She knows to come in out of the rain. Hope the new sitter works out for you and Angel. The Golden Rod is such a good picture that it almost makes me sneeze!!

  2. I like the view you’ve selected to photograph daily. It will reflect the seasons’ impact very well. That wagon doesn’t look quite the same without its Primary Passenger and her precious cargo. Speaking of which, I hope this baby sitter is the one you’ve been looking for. Good luck!
    PS … Spoke with Zia yesterday. She has at least 4 puffballs growing this year. Maybe your wildlife heard the news and went to Michigan to see for themselves.

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