Rainy, With a Chance of Showers…

And fog. LOTS of fog…

Despite the depressing weather, things went well yesterday. Angel and the New Sitter got on famously, and I got to make a big batch of applesauce.

No real recipe – just peel and core a bunch of apples, and put them in a pot with a tiny bit of water to keep them from sticking to the pan, and cook them until they’re soft. You can add sugar, if you want, or a little ground cinnamon, but ours is just au nature. If you want to can it, it goes in a boiling water canner for 20 minutes.

I didn’t bother this time. The Girl eats it too fast!

The rain did stop for a few minutes. Angel and Miss Jackie went outside to blow bubbles, and I grabbed the camera…

I love the way the water beads-up on the nasturtium leaves.

As I had to be at Angel’s school at 7 for Curriculum Night (and she had to be in bed before I left!), there was a lovely, fragrant white bean and ham hock stew bubbling away in the slow cooker to make getting dinner on the table on-time easy…

We still struggle with that some nights. Before she arrived at our house, dinner was often at 8:30 or 9. Adjusting back down to a preschool-friendly 6 pm has been harder than we thought it would be…

But, the gods were smiling last night, and diner, bath and bed went off without a hitch. The school is only 5 minutes from home – even in a dense fog – so I wasn’t too late. It was a nice evening…but boy, did it make me feel ancient!

I expected to be the oldest “parent” in the room…but not by so many years! Lots of women in my age group waited until their mid-thirties (or later) to have children, and I fully expected there to be one or two others close to my age. There was one woman…she was the mother of a boyish-looking Dad…. I’ve gone from being the Youngest Mom in the Room (when my kids were in school) to The Old Lady.

It felt a little odd…

The 4 O’clock

Not enough fog to still be interesting, I’m afraid. Today’s not likely to be much better….



24 thoughts on “Rainy, With a Chance of Showers…

  1. The effects of being mothered by “The Old Lady” are evident in every picture of Angel that you post……you are both so blessed!

  2. love the raindrops too, and is that a morning glory?
    friends who adopted later in life have the same problem with tea / dinner times, I dont know what the answer is, wish I did .
    And less of the old lady!!!

    • Yep, it’s a morning glory. They JUST started blooming last week…
      Part of the problem with reorganizing dinner is breaking the habits left over from when I was working. I didn’t get home until nearly 6, and wanted to shower and change before I ever started cooking. Thus, we ate late…We’ll get it. Eventually…
      Hey! Aren’t you on vacation right now?

  3. I know what you mean about being the youngest, i was a kid with a kid in the classroom! sigh.. at least we are young Grannies! (don’t tell anyone I said the G word!).. .. c

  4. I’m interested in what went on during the “open house”. Will you get a chance to conference with the teacher later in the year? Did Angel have “work” to display? I remember two moms when I taught at Bish that were close to my age. Most were very young. These two had kids about your age!! Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

    • The teachers spoke to the parents as a group, and outlined the kids’ school day activities, then talked about the plans for the year. There will be individual conferences later…We did get a chance to ask questions after – they said she’s doing great!

  5. Oh, c;mon, Marie. Hardly, Old Lady! From what you’ve told us, Angel is obviously benefitting from your experience and I’d be willing to bet she’s receiving better care than quite a few in that school. Feel proud, yes, but old? Never!

    • I think it was just a shock, John…I know so many women around here who waited to have kids until they were nearly 40 that I wasn’t expecting to be in a room full of young 20-somethings. Of course, 25 years ago, *I* was that young Mom, and that made the feeling even stranger.

  6. We had the same problem when we had our children, we always dinner very late, but now we have got used to it being earlier, though my daughter being the way she is, it is very strict when we can eat. The rain is lovely, does this mean you might be in for snow this winter? I can see leaves changing colours in the 4pm photo.

    • We seem to have gotten a handle on it – for the moment, anyway. 😉
      I picked that veiw because of the colors and the light. In another week, the earlier sunset time will be pretty obvious compared to the first 4 o’clock shot.
      Oh, and because I can stand on the porch in the rain to take it…

  7. You are not an old lady – just an amazing woman! My mum was very young and my best friend´s mum was almost the same age as my grandmother – we never thought of them as being different though…they were the people we loved and who loved us back, and that´s what important 🙂 Love the raindrops….

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