Rainy and Raw

Just as the Weathergirl promised, a rainy, raw afternoon…perfect for getting all those chores done that I put off on a Sunny Saturday.

If I didn’t know by the fading light that colder weather had arrived, the Laundry Pile would have told me. The loads double in size, as the clothes we wear go from shorts and tank tops to jeans, sweats and sweaters. The swimsuits are packed away, along with summer pajamas and strappy sundresses. My favorite sandals are back in the Dark Corner of the closet, where they’ll stay until June…

This is a change of Style that doesn’t sit well with our Junior Member. Last night was the Battle of the Nightgown, where she teared-up at the thought of giving up the Kitty-Cat nightgown with No Sleeves, and exchanging it for long pajamas. “PLEASE, Grandmom? Just ONE more?”

Sorry, Sweetie. It’s just too cold for it now. It has to go in the Give Away Bag…

We talk a lot about the things we give away, how she’ll be too big to wear them when the weather warms up next spring. We put them into bags to give to Baby Rylee (the daughter of Uncle Joey’s step-sister, and hardly a baby anymore!), then take the bags with us when we go to see the Niko-Man.

For most things, it’s not a problem. For the Favorites, it’s traumatic…

It’s an important thing for me, this Passing Along…

When my kids were small, and their father and I were very young and broke, the pass-along clothes and First Dibs on cheap yard sale goods from kind friends made our lives so much easier…and our meager earnings so go much further. If I can pass that along, in the form of a bag of outgrown clothes, so much the better.

In the end, Angel was happy to wear her new long jammies – she’d forgotten that there were Kitties on them, too! – and she carefully placed the too-light-and-flimsy gown in the bag, telling me, “Rylee will love this, too!”

The 4 O’Clock:

Rain, and 52 degrees. No Old Dog…


18 thoughts on “Rainy and Raw

    • I well remember the sense of relief from the sudden appearence of those bags. They always arrived at just the right moment!
      If my kids didn’t completely destroy them, they would go back in the bag, and on to someone else…

  1. We, too, get rid of anything that gets outgrown. When middle son outgrows something, we save it for the little one. When the little one outgrows it, it goes away. We were blessed to have good friends that passed things down to my kids. Now it’s our turn to return the favor.

    • Good to know that there are still lots of families that operate on this principle…My Boy is my youngest, but even he wore some of his sisters’ hand-me-down’s. These days, with the Granddaughter, we can afford to Buy New, and pass along the kind of Good Stuff that I was on the receiving end of all those years ago…
      Thanks for commenting today…er, yesterday πŸ˜‰

  2. You teach a valuable lesson when it makes her happy to share things she no longer will wear with Rylee. I remember the garage sales. Different parts of town yielded different things. We knew where to go for what you needed. And, we had fun!! My friends shared, too. Do you remember the box of clothes that showed up on my desk at school? The leaver of the clothes was embarrassed because they were gently worn. I think both of your girls finished them off!!
    Niko’s GG sends hugs all around!!

  3. As a boy, with an older brother and 2 older cousins, practically all of my play clothes were hand-me-downs. Thankfully, grammer school required uniforms and that meant new school clothes otherwise I would have had to have waited until high school.
    Under you care, Marie, Angel is living up to her name more and more. πŸ™‚

    • As the oldest cousin and child, I seldom had hand-me-downs, but the cast-off clothes from the teenage daughter of a family friend were much cooler than anything my folks bought new. Probably because I never *had* to take them…
      I still buy my gardening jeans from a secondhand charity store – seems silly to pay new prices for something I’ll just get muddy or rip holes in. And, they’re already soft and broken-in!

  4. YouΒ΄re teachng her some very special lessons! When I was little, although I was the oldest out of my nearby cousins, I was the shortest, so things were mostly 3rd hand, but I didnΒ΄t mind – and I still love second hand and vintage clothes and making them mine πŸ™‚

  5. I have to admit the story of the PJ’s took me back, I remember my youngest daughter was a bit like that. She had these bike shorts, that she got when you was around 1, and she loved them. She wouldn’t give them up and wore them until she was 3 or 4, they were so stretched and the elastic at the top just didn’t really work, and in the end we had to hide them from her. I still have them somewhere, she loves that story.

    • HA! At our house, there was a 101 Dalmations t-shirt that Sarah wore until she couldn’t get her arms into it anymore, and a pair of hand-me-down cowboy boots that James would sleep in, if we didn’t catch him…both items had to ‘disappear’ when we moved. πŸ˜‰

  6. The flower (Morning Glory?) with the raindrops on it is gorgeous. I love the way children can get into the spirit of giving although it may take a little time and explanation. πŸ™‚

  7. The morning glory is glorious Marie.
    And I’m loving the title of your post and your writing, I’m a bit tired at the moment and can’t quite find the words to express myself clearly. So I hope you’ll “make do” with a like, but that doesn’t do justice to what you are saying and thinking!

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