Getting Cold…

We barely broke 50F yesterday, and a soft rain fell…

Angel and I had a do-nothing day…just hanging out. It was pretty nice.

School today. Ms. Jackie comes to play tomorrow…and Grandmom gets to weed the garlic bed in preparation for planting around the end of the month.

The sun comes back tomorrow, too!

The 4 O’Clock:

Dry enough for the dog…but too chilly for her to stay out once I was finished.


22 thoughts on “Getting Cold…

  1. I hope Angel has a good morning at school. Glad that you have a Ms Jackie to come to play. I am trying to tie up loose ends here so I can go home. Nana had lots of company yesterday. It was a good day!!

  2. I bet it will be a sorry day when that Morning Glory no longer blooms. (Well, I’m sure it’s not too happy about it either.) Cleo is beginning to look like an artificial dog, one that you just move around the yard. Maybe you could entice Her Highness to, maybe, stand for a photo? Nevermind. I have my own Royal to contend with. πŸ™‚

    • I’ll miss those flowers when the frost takes them…can’t believe it didn’t start blooming ’til the first of October.
      Sweet Cleo is ticked-off at me right now. I’ve had to limit her Outside Time to daylight hours only…her cateracts are so bad, she couldn’t find her way back to the door after dark Sunday Night. Poor old thing.

  3. I hope the sun did come back. We have lost ours at the moment. Your temperatures are similar to ours. It seems Mother Nature can’t quite decide what we should have. I hope the time in the garden goes well.

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