Wildlife Wenesday: Up, Down, and All Around

Is that you, Alexander Beetle?

Saturday’s sunshine brought out a host of creatures…I haven’t a clue what type of beetle this might be, but he was so shiny he couldn’t help but catch my magpie eye…

No. He is not currently residing in a matchbox, somewhere in my house.

Here’s a fellow I’d just as soon NOT see again…we were overrun with grasshoppers this past summer. The cooler weather is making them slow, now. This one didn’t move when I poked the camera at him.

Makes them easier for the birds to catch, too…

And, speaking of birds…

There must have been something ‘interesting’ next door; several turkey vultures were circling. It’s not as impressive as the shot I missed earlier in the week, when I was too shocked by one’s proximity to get the camera up, but it’ll do…

Oh. Vultures are carrion eaters, not predators…I didn’t feel like investigating whatever might be drawing their attention.

The 4 O’Clock:

A little brighter, but with a biting wind…I was promised sunshine today.

I’ll believe it when I see it…


14 thoughts on “Wildlife Wenesday: Up, Down, and All Around

  1. Oh, we’ve got plenty of sunshine, Marie, and it’s heading your way. Our temp, however, barely made it to 50˚. The “View” still looks nice and green but it won’t be much longer before its green is frightened away, as well. I won’t be happy so see that!

  2. We had a similar problem with the grasshoppers about 2 summers ago, then it started raining. I think they happened at the same time our drought broke. Your 4 o’clock photo doesn’t look cold, but I can believe it. We have been getting some biting cold winds, we say they come straight off the Antarctica.

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