Mother Nature Has a Mean Streak

So much for planning…

Things looked good, at the beginning. Gentle mist? No problem! Soon as the Sitter gets here, I’ve got a date with the wheelbarrow and some weeds!

At 7:30, the rain got harder. A text message from the Boy: “Um, could I get a ride to work?” (In decent weather, he walks the three miles. Coming in wet, when your job is spending all day in a commercial freezer, isn’t a good idea…)

No problem. Maybe this will be over by the time I get back…


Time for Plan B.

Cleaning out. Organizing. Taking inventory.

With the Holiday Baking season (and the end of the Farmer’s Market, with its supply of ready-made goodies) fast approaching, the baking cabinet was an obvious place to start. Got rid of a bunch of open-too-long packages, never-opened Why-the-Heck-Did-I-Buy-This stuff, and lined-up the remainders like the good little kitchen soldiers that they are…

Looks like we need sugar.

Done with that – and inspired by it to actually BAKE – I turned on the oven and set out a stick of butter to soften, then tackled the Canning Supplies.

The minute I had all that stuff pulled out, and was surrounded by empty jars, un-sorted canning rings, jugs of vinegars and jars of spices, the rain stopped.

Very funny, Ma.

Everything sorted, stacked, and replaced…and it’s pouring again.

Ha, ha.

The cake was worth it.

I’m already behind today, so I’ll just link to the original at Simply Recipes, and tell you that the only real change I made was to substitute whole-wheat pastry flour for half of the all-purpose, and left out the walnuts.

The 4 O’Clock

A slightly wider shot today, with a wonky angle. I had to sit on the floor just inside the back door, to protect the camera from the torrent pouring off the porch roof.

An hour later, the sun came out.

Very funny, Ma.


26 thoughts on “Mother Nature Has a Mean Streak

  1. Oh, no! She sure has a cruel sense of humor sometimes. Good on you for making use of the inside time. I probably would have spent the day needlessly playing with pencil and graph paper for imaginary garden beds.

  2. Typical! When you plan something it’s inevitable! I was lucky today and it stayed dry, so I rushed out to make the most of it… That cake looks really tasty, so at least the day was partly saved!

  3. I envy you the organized cabinets!!! I have spent hours going through Nana’s things, mostly in the freezer and ‘fridge. The PT did not want her going outside to the big freezer to get food, so I cleaned out the inside one so it would hold what she needed. I’m planning to go home on Saturday if the weather is not too bad. Badger and Annick are keeping an eye on it for me.

  4. Mother nature is so undependable. I also need to get on with my organization of indoor sugar and spices and such as also need to take inventory for the upcoming holiday baking season. Great idea. Take care, BAM

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