Saying Goodbye

Looks like the show’s over for this year.

This wasn’t where I intended to start the morning, but my Garden Buddy had her own agenda.

“I’m just gonna eat this, Grandmom…” she said, as she stuck it in her mouth.

“And this one.”

Needless to say, none of them made it to the kitchen.

Once the tomatoes were safely stored away (in her tummy), we trundled up to the Upper Garden to clean out the garlic bed.  Angel brought her digging tools and her wagon, and she and her best (pretend) friend, The King of Numbers, had plenty of Adventures while I ripped out the weeds.

Project number one, complete.

I had hoped to salvage some of the leeks that were left up there, but they were too intertwined with the roots of the weed grasses. The bigger ones came down to the kitchen, while the little ones landed on the compost pile. Maybe they’ll grow there…

It was around 11:30 that the wind shifted. The clouds rolled in, and a cold rain began to fall around noon. And the temperature dropped like a stone…

As soon as the Little One was snugly tucked away for her nap, I made a dash out to the deck to gather up the tender potted plants, and get them safely stored in the basement for the winter.

Now I just have to remember to go down and water them… You’ll remind me, right?

The rain clouds cleared, hanging around just a little longer than Gary the Weatherdude said they would. By 3, the sky was blue, with only a few White Puffies scudding across.

And it was cold. A brisk 44F…

This morning, we have a light frost. Two hours north, at Niko’s House, it’s 24 degrees.


The 4 O’Clock:

Plenty of chilly sunshine. Time for the hummingbird feeder to come down…



26 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Some jobs well done. And what a beautiful blue sky after the rain! I also got my beans and last herbs tidied away, and tender plants in the cellar this week. I can really notice a difference in your 4 o’clock photo today – lower sun and fewer leaves on the trees. This was a good idea of yours!

    • Still picking beans, believe it or not…the breeze seems to have kept the frost from settling, so there’s not as much damage as I thought there’d be.
      Glad you’re enjoying the shot. If we have a normal fall, the sun will be coming through the leaves just about the time they’re at their peak color…

  2. Pictures can be so misleading! That same sunshine and grass shot at my house would be accompanied by double the temperature today.

    Also – how wonderful that Angel likes tomatoes already! I have yet to acquire the taste myself 😉

  3. It s strange hearing you talking about preparing for the winter, taking things down, putting things away. We don’t do anything like that. Everything kind of stays the same, it just gets colder. Though with summer coming, I will have to start watering plants again. Sounds like your buddy had a great time while you weeded.

    • Yeah, I can understand that…Anything temperature-sensitive has to come inside, or be replaced next spring. In a few weeks, all the lawn furniture will come inside, too, so that the winter wind – which can be brutal – doesn’t ruin it. I need my son to help with that, though 🙂

  4. Love the photos of Angel enjoying her harvest of tomatoes! My daughter always used to say that tomatoes tasted best eaten straight from the plant – the same applied to raspberries, strawberries and peas.

  5. In your 4 o’clock photo I always find myself looking for that sweet dog of yours. 🙂

    In the PNW where I live, now is the time the hummingbirds (the ones that over winter) start to show up in force. I have three feeders up and will spend many winter days trying to keep them from freezing so those poor creatures have a place to eat.

    • Poor old half-deaf thing…she was in the yard, but didn’t hear me until I was finished…
      I thought all our hummers had left a month ago, and took the feeder down. The next morning, a very angry female hummingbird read me the riot act when she didn’t get her breakfast…

  6. Late again today…. storms all afternoon, mostly around us, but too close for computing!! Great pictures of Angel and the 4 o’clock one is always good. There is very gray/grey sky showing up in the corner, I probably noticed it because I have been living with sky like that for 2 days!! Have a good rest of the weekend!!

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