An Autumn Walk

There’s no better season for walking than Fall.

Crisp, clear days. Woodsmoke-tinged breezes.


High in the trees hang the last few wild grapes, surrounded by turning leaves and bittersweet berries. Fallen leaves crunch underfoot. The geese are gathering in the cornfield at the top of the road. They raise the alarm if anything gets too close, be it human or otherwise…

And then there is the light. As the sun angles lower, even mid-day photos like these are beautiful….

Enjoy these days while they last.

The 4 O’Clock:

Almost forgot yesterday – can you believe it?


24 thoughts on “An Autumn Walk

  1. It’s good to see Sweet Cleo in the 4 o’clock shot. Lovely autumn photos, I miss the old elm mostly in the fall. Lots of color, mostly yellow, along I 40 last Friday. Have a good week!!

  2. Looks so nice there, autumn is one of the best times of the year, I think. I love it here. I hope you get to have a lot more walks and winter doesn’t come too soon. The 4 o’clock photo, it is going to be a lot to look at them in a few months and watch how much it has changed through the season change.

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