Running Late…Again

In the Logical part of my brain, I know that Tuesday Mornings are busy. Uncle James has to be at work before 7, and I give him a ride. The Girl has school at 8:15. It’s Trash Day – can’t put it out the night before, because Critters, you know?

So, why is it so hard to remember to set up a post for the next morning after Angel is tucked-in?

I dunno. Maybe I’ll figure it out….

Cloudy, windy, misty and warm yesterday…and kind of bleah, all the way around.

The clouds do make the orange leaves stand out, though…

The 4 O’Clock:

No sun. No dog. No fun…


21 thoughts on “Running Late…Again

    • The latest round arrived overnight, and it’s nice this morning. We had a low of 36 on Saturday morning, and a high of 72 yesterday…pretty normal for us this time of year.

      • We’re having the same ups and downs. Almost 80 on Sunday, 50s on Monday and today, back to the 70s tomorrow, then down again, etc. for the next week at least.

        • Yep…down to the 30’s tonight, but then we’re supposed to level-off, with highs around 60 for the next week…
          I’ll take it – the sun is back!

  1. The orange trees are wonderful!! The sun is out here, but it’s cool, hot later in the day. Hope your day gets better as it goes along

  2. Hahaha! Oh how that sounds like the story of my life! Running late all day yesterday. Late to my clients house, late to pick up my daughter for an Ortho appointment, so late for yoga class that I didn’t go, and dinner was late because I decided to fool around with a new recipe. I can’t wait for a quiet rainy day I can sit in my pj’s all morning. 🙂

  3. Hi Marie, we also had the issue with critters and the trash when we lived in States and backed up to state land. We used a tie strap to hold shut in the olden days when there were actually people that came to pick up the trash. Now it is automated and I guess it has to be done all by machines so that means one more thing to do in the AM. If it makes you feel any better it is also a gloomy day in HK… Take care, BAM

    • We actually still have a guy who picks up the cans, Bobbi. The automated stuff is for people with an actual curb to set their trash on…
      The big can isn’t a problem – it’s the recycling bins that get scattered to the four winds.

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