Wildlife Wednesday: Oh, Deer-y Me!

Saturday afternoon, around three. The Girl is having a Not Nap day; I can hear her on the monitor, talking softly to her babies as she sits on her bed, waiting for The Signal that naptime can be over. Grandad is having a nap of his own, and I’m finishing up in the office, planning on a soak in the tub before all this glorious peace and quiet comes to an end…

I got distracted.

Way down at the back, this mother and child stopped to browse in the weeds by the creek. The little one nibbled at the young shoots on the downed willow tree. They both saw me, camera in-hand, and paused to do a quick Threat Assessment…

And moved slowly away.

I saw them up in the clearing a little later, eating the re-generating willow shoots.

Fine by me – saves me the trouble of cutting them down again. Now, if only they’d eat the poison ivy, too…

The 4 O’Clock:

After a chilly, dark morning (“First time I’ve had to go to work in the dark,” said the Boy), the day turned out brisk and sunny. The 4 pm shadows are growing longer…


18 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Oh, Deer-y Me!

  1. Love your shadows, I have to take the torch when i start work in the mornings now! I used to pop my kids down for a quiet time whether they napped or not. Right until they were five. And i always sat down too, it was only 30 minutes, but we need that quiet time ourselves as well. c

    • Mine went for a ‘rest’ after they had outgrown the need for a nap, too…everyone had a better afternoon that way.
      I know what you mean about the dark mornings…Hubby growls and paces, because he doesn’t dare start his walk before there’s some daylight. We’ll get a little back when Daylight Savings Time ends in a few weeks…but not for long.

  2. I’m glad the deer showed up. The pictures are great. The 4 o’clock gets better by the day. You can see the light behind the trees…. great shot!! Give James a hug, please.

  3. The light is lovely in today’s photo, and your deer are so pretty! The last couple of days I’ve also had to get up in the dark… We change our clocks at the end of the month, but it only makes a difference for a week or so!

    • We do the time change the first Sunday in November, now…I *do* wish that the US was still on the same schedule as the rest of the world.
      But, you’re right – the ‘extra’ morning light only lasts a few weeks…

  4. Love the light and shadows in The 4 O’Clock. Beautiful. Great catch of the deer, too. I wonder why the deer don’t come around and eat our willow shoots. I wish they would. They are welcome to the Virginia Creeper, too. I’m going to have to do something about that this year.

  5. Lovely 4 o’clock photo. You know you could probably make your fortune if you can just train those deer to eat a good selection of perennial weeds while leaving everything else standing – I’d pay to borrow them!

  6. Those deer look so beautiful in the back of your property, much the same as in Michigan. If only they’d stay put and not go ambling across the roads when i’m driving.
    It really is a shock, seeing how long an October shadow is at noon — and we’ve such a long time to go until the solstice. I look forward to watching them continue to grow in your 4:00 pics. This was a great idea, Marie. 🙂

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