What a Difference a Bay Makes

Hubby and I went to Providence for Date Night last night, and all anyone could talk about was how perfectly beautiful the day had been…


Oh, yes! They went on and on about the sunshine, the unseasonable warmth, spending the day outside in shorts and t-shirts…


Not so much, down at our place…

I should explain our geography just a bit. It’s about 30 miles (45 km) from our house to the Big (ha) City. To get there, you must cross a bridge or two, depending on which side of the Island you leave by. Sometimes, being surrounded by salt water means that we stay cooler, while the mainland swealters in the summer. It can prolong our growing season by a few weeks when the warm waters keep the frost to our north.

Or, like yesterday, it can keep us socked-in with fog and rain, while the City Folk bask in the Indian Summer sun…

Can’t win ’em all, eh?

The 4 O’Clock:

More color on the trees and shrubs. No color in the sky…


17 thoughts on “What a Difference a Bay Makes

  1. That is so funny Marie – exactly the same happened to us yesterday! It was 26 degrees in the south near the mountains while our area on and north/south of the Danube was embedded in fog – just 12 degrees! LOL!

  2. When I was a kid I lived just east of Santa Monica and Venice, CA, for a year. It was always grey and dreary. Even in summer, we were lucky to get a few hours of sunshine in the afternoon. Now I live much farther inland, and we don’t have weather, only climate. *L*

  3. Despited the state’s name, I have to remind myself that you’re an island dweller, Marie. And, yeah, it can play havoc on your weather. Still, I’d love to live that close to the coast. Living near The Lake, we can be a tad cooler in Summer and a few degrees warmer in Winter. We also have Springs that are colder and more damp and can get hammered by lake-effect snows, while a couple miles west will just get a dusting of the white stuff, if at all. It’s such a mixed bag. 🙂

    • Sometimes *I* have to remind myself – it’s not like we’re way offshore or anything. But that ribbon of water, plus our southern exposure to the open ocean makes our weather different. I love everything about living here. Except the Summer People who come to Newport…. 😉

  4. today in Paris : 21°(Celcius) incredible and during again 2 days : I have never knew this on a 21st october ! ….The weather is like the world : crazy…..

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