Clouds and Light

Yesterday was one of those days when Nature seemed to be doing anything and everything to get our attention. She put on her Party Dress, set the light to intermittent, and turned on the music…

An invitation to dance, if ever I saw one.

Sadly, I had to decline… Too many Sunday Chores and Errands kept me away, glancing out the windows while the Party rolled on without me (and a big green lawnmower rolled across the yard…)

I hope it won’t be the Last Dance of the Season!

The 4 O’Clock:

I did get out there at 4…that’s when all of these were taken.

Here are the woods without the patio in the foreground.

This would be the Daily, If it was protected from the elements…


16 thoughts on “Clouds and Light

  1. Mary,
    I have a question : you who are so receptive at the nature ans her (her=because the dame Nature) elements, do you feel it in your body, by signs, too ?

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