Wildlife Wednesday: The Return of the Wall Camera

And, we’re back in business! The angle of the sun, plus the loss of some of the foliage has made the solar panel useful again, and kept the automatic camera’s battery charged-up and shooting…

And guess who was the first one captured? The little one was with her, but all of those shots were blurry.

There were plenty of little critters – mice, rabbits, and even bugs crawling around in the night shots – but none so cute is this fellow with his mouth full of acorn.

There was a sable-brown blur with feet that I can only assume was a mink, too. Not clear enough to post, though….

Well, well, well… That’s NOT my dog…and it’s headed down towards the yard at mid-morning. At the time this was taken last Wednesday, I was working my way through the back field with clippers and hedge trimmers.

Two hours later, Sweet Cleo and I came over the wall at the same spot.

We never saw the coyote.

The 4 O’Clock:

Clouds and mist. And a dog (by the wheelbarrow). And a Girl (who refused to nap yesterday).


16 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: The Return of the Wall Camera

  1. Glad to have the “wall camera” back. I see the squirrel noticed. It will probably take a few days for the deer, coyotes, et al, to take note and begin centering themselves in each frame.
    I took a look back at a 4:00 shot of 3 weeks ago. Fall has really crept in. Shudder to think what it will be like in another 3.

  2. Great pictures!! I’m glad to see Wildlife Wednesday again. I like John’s idea of comparing the 4 o’clock shots. Have a good day.

  3. Great to see the wildlife again, I am still amazed at how much you see. My daughter has told me that she often sees kangaroos out on her walk, so will have to go with her with my camera to see if I can see some as well. I love the 4 o’clock, what a bummer, she is started to refuse the naps, I remember being very upset when that happened with my children.

    • As long as she actually rests quietly for an hour, I don’t mind if she doesn’t sleep…I *do* mind coming in to find that she’s rearranged the furniture, and piled half the books she owns in the middle of her floor…
      I’d love to see the kangaroos – I hear they can be as destructive as our lovely deer, though…

    • That’s how I got mine 🙂
      I can’t reccomend the wireless one (it’s supposed to transmit the photos to a remote) though. Get one that you go out to check and change the memory card, and a solar panel to keep the battery charged. Best present I’ve had in years!

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