Stupid Hurricane…

Red sky at morning…THIS morning.

The Media-Types have christened it Frankenstorm. The Most-Hyped storm of the year…

I shouldn’t complain. It gives them something to ‘report’ on that isn’t politics…

As of now, the brunt of this storm is going to be well south of us, in the Mid-Atlantic states (Gas up your generators, folks! We’ll be thinking about you!), but our Weathergirl warned us that even with the current track, we could see 50 mph winds here, near the coast, and buckets and buckets of rain…

So, we’ll be saying “Goodbye” to the lawn furniture for the season, and putting away anything that might become a window-smashing projectile.

Wave bye-bye to the leaves, too…


No 4 O’Clock shot yesterday…I was racing down the highway towards home at the time…the Highway Patrol tends to frown on folks taking pictures while driving…


35 thoughts on “Stupid Hurricane…

  1. I had not thought of the storm as relief from politics–something to to be said there. Hoping the storm changes its mind and just heads away from the coast. Bye, bye beautiful leaves.

  2. I saw something recently that said weather-people are the highest paid members of the news team because weather attracts the most viewers. “Frankenstorm” is making the news even here on the west coast. Hope you get through it unscathed.

  3. I didn’t think you would get hurricanes where you are. I have seen some radar images of the storm and it looks like two are converging on the east coast. We don’t get anything like that here. Batten down the hatches, and hold one, it’s going to get rough.

  4. Stupid, stupid hurricane, indeed! That sunrise is a real stunner but hardly worth the trouble to come. I do hope I read the report correctly when it said that you wouldn’t take a direct hit. If only it would weaken before now and landfall. For many kids of the Mid-Atlantic states, this will be the year the hurricane ruined Halloween. 😦
    I hope you’ve had both time and help getting everything secured, Marie.

    • Right now, it looks like four solid days of rain, starting at midnight tonight, with 40 mph winds, and gusts to 70. That’s for us. Bonnie Michelle and Ronnie Hammer are looking at much worse conditions. This will be the second year in a row that Halloween gets ruined – last year, it was a monster ice/snow storm.
      We topped-up the fuel tank and the generator, and got everything that could blow away put in the basement…we’re as ready as we can be…

  5. The Lehigh Valley is directly in its path. Oh well, trees in the garden mean more wood for the wood stove! Bought a generator this past summer we surely will get to use it! It was one year ago exactly that we were without power for a week due to the Halloween storm of 2011!

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