Walkin’ in the Woods

It wasn’t easy, pulling the kiddos away from those leaves…but I can never resist a winding woodland trail.

But once Angel found herself a walking stick (and saw glimpses of adventure ahead), there was no stopping her.

The rest of us could just catch up later, as far as she was concerned…

Who knew there were drums disguised as logs?

(See the blurry hands? There’s a stick in each one…we were having quite the jam session. The face was too good to pass up!)

It was a wonderful day, with things to see both high in the air…

And down low to the ground…

New things to explore, everywhere we looked.

Note: This is NOT a child too tired to walk. This is a boy so enthralled, he didn’t want to go.

The 4 O’Clock:

Wind at 18 – 20 mph. The air smelled of seaspray by 1 pm, and by 4, we had a heavy mist. As I write this, in the pre-dawn gloom, the winds are really beginning to howl…

Be safe, everyone.


22 thoughts on “Walkin’ in the Woods

  1. Hearing the news here – winds of 85mph already happening South of New York. Make like the politicians, go hide in a bunker. Stay safe. See you tomorrow. Laura

  2. Great pictures!! Of course your subjects are adorable!! This is a good follow up to yesterday. All of you are in the prayers of those of us not affected by the storm. Be safe, take care, keep us posted on how it is for you!!

  3. That was a great day in the park! So much for the Li’l Ones to do and see. Easy to see why Niko didn’t want to leave.
    Glad to see that Sandy isn’t coming ashore in your “backyard”, so to speak — not that it will be a picnic for you. I just saw a news report where they’re forecasting 20 foot waves on Lake Michigan for today and as high as 30 foot tomorrow. Granted, this is nothing compared to what’s about to hit the Mid-Atlantic but it is odd to hear of Sandy’s effects here and so soon.

    • I heard about the Lake Waves about an hour ago, and thought about you. This is just a monster of a storm…
      The power flickered a little while ago, and we have some small branches down…it’s going to be a very long day, I’m afraid.

    • New Jersey is in pretty rough shape, and NYC is a complete mess, but the damage is minimal up our way. Everyone who lives right ON the beach listened to the warnings, and left before the storm. In other states, too many stayed behind.

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