(Not So) Wildlife Wednesday: After the Storm

The Talking Heads on tv keep referring to Superstorm Sandy – which, to my ears, sounds like a shopping event or a really lame comic book character – as the biggest storm to ever hit the US. Not having the data at-hand, I’m not qualified to agree or disagree with them on that. I will say this: it has to be one of the strangest storms on record…

Monday, it was wet, windy, and warm. Yesterday, the sun came out.

Then, it rained buckets.

Then, more sun, and 70F temps.

Drenching rain. Sun. Repeat, repeat, repeat…

This is the worst of our damage, thank goodness. I swear, the willow tree’s creed is, “Just Drop It, Another One Will Grow”. This applies to leaves, branches, and whole trunks… There’s also a twisted gutter on the back of the house, and one of Hubby’s beloved evergreens (planted to screen our house from Bad Neighbor to the east) was leaning precariously…Lucky for us, our Head Yard Guy came right over when he heard, and it’s all fixed.

He kind of sheepishly admitted that he didn’t want to get roped into working in his neighbor’s yard….

We were able to make good use of the sunny periods:

Angel directed, I carved.

Oh – you know those little battery-operated tealight candles the stores are selling for jack o’lanterns? They make great Emergency Nightlights! I’m stocking up, when they go on clearance tomorrow…

Still don’t know if the town is having Trick-or-Treating tonight, but she will have a Halloween party at school tomorrow…I’m sure the Purple Fairy will put in an appearance here, in any case.

The 4 O’Clock:

One of the Downpours. Had to take the shot from inside the house…

Hope everyone is doing well – warm, safe and dry!


34 thoughts on “(Not So) Wildlife Wednesday: After the Storm

    • Very much so, Claire. The power was off for a bit more than 24 hours, and that was really the worst of it at our house. Some of the shoreline communities not too far from us are just GONE…swept into the sea.

    • One does!
      I had grand plans to get photos of the range of decorations people do for Halloween – from simple carved pumpkins, to entire yards filled with Spooky Stuff – before the storm came…Next year, it’s a priority!

  1. Really glad that Sandy missed you guys, relatively speaking, and how awful that so many others lost so much!
    You’re such the pumpkin ‘artiste’, Marie. Does Angel have any recollection of Halloweens past? Either way, she’s in for some fun. Have a Happy Halloween!

  2. Good to hear that your power is back on!! I LOVE the pumpkins. You and Angel make a great team. I hope all of you have a wonderful Halloween!! I’m looking forward to seeing her costume…. with her in it, of course!!

  3. Phew.. I am so glad that you did not have any trees down, that did worry me.. love your pumpkins.. have a good day, .. now we can get back to dreading winter!! c

  4. Good to hear you got through the storm without too much damage. And you’re all ready for Halloween too – sounds like the distraction of pumpkin lanterns and trick or treat would be welcome!

  5. Marie, good to hear there wasn’t much damage to your place. Love the jack o’lanterns, how did Angel enjoy Halloween. We heard some kids outside, actually I heard them screaming and thought there must have been a car accident on the corner, but they were just being very loud, thankfully they didn’t come to out house. We think of Halloween as a US holiday, it isn’t ours, and we will never do it like the US. I think if you want to Halloween, go to the US, then it would be amazing. Sorry, I’m babbling.

    • It rained on Halloween, and she was a Crabby Monster who didn’t take a nap, so we skipped Trick-or-Treating. She doesn’t remember ever doing it before, so she wasn’t too disappointed.
      I had plans to take photos of the Halloween displays people put up around here, mostly so you could see them. They range from simple and traditional, like mine, to giant inflatable Frankenstiens that light up at night…Thanks to the Internet, those kids on your street want a piece of the party…

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