The Beginning and the End…

We made it through the first month of The 4 O’Clock!

What a difference a month makes…


20 thoughts on “The Beginning and the End…

  1. Marie, I was just thinking the same! After snow and frost I’ve cut back almost everything, yet only two weeks ago I felt autumn would go on for ever! I really enjoyed the 4 o’clock project. And didn’t October just fly by!

  2. Once the leaves start to fall, it’s amazing how quickly they all take the leap. Of course, a little thing like Sandy probably did give many a push. Now, if Winter’s months will only come and go as quickly as October did, I’ll be one very happy Chicagoan.

  3. I had thought about looking at several pictures together. The changes are subtle until the storm came. This was perfect!! I’m glad to see sweet Cleo in the photo today.

  4. Wow, (I seem to be saying that a lot today) it is amazing how much it has changed in that month. It has gone from a lovely scene, to one that is starting to look barren. I can’t wait to see it with snow on the ground. Haha.

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