Change of Scene

Are you getting bored with the 4 O’clock?

I’m not bored with the concept, just the scene…

I’ve also discovered that, thanks to an issue with an overhanging gutter, it’s not as camera-safe in bad weather as I thought it was.

So, for the month of November (at least), the 4 o’clock will shift, to this south-facing view – and the safety of the very-deep front porch…

As Promised:

Our Purple Fairy, ready for her class party. It’s an awful shot, but when was the last time an excited three-year-old stood still for anything?

My apologies for being so slow to answer comments the last few days, and for my abscense from your blogs…the biggest damage the storm caused around here seems to have been my routine. And my nerves…


20 thoughts on “Change of Scene

  1. Lovely to have you areound Marie, whenever it is !
    And ooo a purple fariy, how exciting is that!
    I’m loving the view, I was wondering about something similar but up on the plot, but I couldn’t do anything daily, too disorganised for that (read work) so maybe weekly, but I couldn’t do an exact time, oh and it will have to be two shots as we have been on a land grab 🙂

  2. Super ! What a beautiful girl ! She looks like the joy to live …..
    Mary, unfortunately we can nothing against the nature, and so we have to take on oneself and I know you can

  3. The new view is a good one and, facing South, and will get some light, such as it is, as we head into WInter.
    This year, when I hear The Nutcracker’s Sugar Plum Fairy, I’ll have to snicker. For the very first time, I’ll have actually seen one. Tchaikovsky a psychic? Who knew?

    • The other cool thing about the south view is that it faces the ocean. Ok, it’s 5 miles away, but we’ll still see the clouds as they roll across.
      I’ve always wondered why the Sugar Plum Fairy wears white instead of purple…

  4. I like the new view!! The other one had just about finished changing until spring. Your Purple Fairy is delightful!! I can’t imagine a Halloween party with 3 year olds. It is SO good that someone can do that!! I like John’s reference to the Nutcracker. Angel is a perfect Sugar Plum Fairy!! Have a good weekend.

  5. A very pretty fairy! And the new view is good – very open and light. Glad you’re continuing this in November. Hope the routine returns to normal for you soon Marie!

  6. Angel is a beautiful purple plum fairy! Great new view to boot! No worries on on your responses, I also have some major things going on, on the homefront and my ability to respond over the next couple of days will be affected. Take care, BAM

  7. I like the new view. It has a great outlook, we will be able to see your weather in the sky.
    Angel looks gorgeous dressed up, but I think one of the things the photo has captured which is wonderful, is her excitement, you can see it, it is almost leaping out of the photo.

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