Three Days and Counting

Three days into the Time Change.

Three days in which a certain Small Fry has been up way too early…

It kinda’ cuts into my Blog Time.

Photo Time has been limited, too…but 4 pm has given me a few lovelies to share.

We’re cold, now. The last two days have been bright and sunny, with the temperature barely above 40F. This morning, the first winter storm of the season is making itself known; first the wind, and later on a frigid rain, perhaps mixed with ice.

It’s an Inside Day, for certain.

The 4 O’Clock:

This is from yesterday…the two days I missed look much the same.

Don’t worry – the dog was sitting at my feet, just out of the shot. Too cold for the poor old thing…


16 thoughts on “Three Days and Counting

  1. You get about the same amount of light at 4:00 as I do and, with 6 weeks to go before the solstice, we’ve both got some dark afternoons ahead before it gets any better.
    Good luck during the storm today. Looks like some areas are going to get quite a bit of snow, especially for early November. I hope this doesn’t mean another round of power outages. Enough already!

    • So true about the light…my least-favorite thing about my former job was going to work in the pitch-black morning, and coming home (at 5) in the dark. So depressing…
      There are scattered power outages this morning here in RI, but not many. The wind is still howling.

  2. I like the new outlook, you can see a lot more, and it is interesting to see the sky. I can understand the dog wanting to stay close by when it is cold. I hope she starts sleeping in again soon.

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