Another Wasted Wednesday

Ok. Not really wasted…just not an Outside Day.

Let’s do this part first:

The 4 O’Clock

40 mph winds. 38 degrees. Rain.

All. Day. Long.

At least it wasn’t snow…the plow blade hasn’t come back from summer storage yet.

A good day to do Not Much, but this was my babysitter day. If the garlic wasn’t going to be planted – and it wasn’t – what would be the Best Use of my Child-Free hours?

A different kind of digging.

I excavated my desk…

AND the file cabinets.

Not bad. Maybe I can keep it this way for longer than a week…

What else?

Cooking, of course. Something hearty…

Lentils. Sausages. Apples…

Mmmmm…that’s cozy. But first – a toast. The Daily Shot is catching on (though some are weekly) and Our Miss C at The Kitchen’s Gardens has come up with a name for us: The View Club. Right now, our membership includes C, myself (daily shots) and Linda of Life on a Colorado Farm and Claire from Promenade Plantings (weeklies).

Anyone else, in any part of the world is welcome to join in. Just choose a spot to photograph, on a daily or weekly basis, and let everyone watch the seasons change in YOUR corner of the globe…Drop a link in the comments, if you want to play along!

Now, the lentil soup:

2 carrots, diced

2 celery ribs, diced

1 large or 2 small shallots, sliced

1 small, whole onion, studded with a couple of whole cloves

1 bay leaf

10 ounces of small lentils (Du Puy, if you can find them)

2 quarts of water

4 pre-cooked chicken-apple sausages, or, your favorite sausage, plus a tart cooking apple, cut in rough chunks.

2 tablespoons of butter

salt and pepper, to taste

Put the carrots, celery, shallots, onion, bay leaf, lentils and water in a large pot. Bring to a boil, and then simmer for about an hour.

Melt the butter in a small skillet, and saute the sausages (cut-up) until browned. Add sausages and butter to the soup, and cook for a few more minutes.

Adjust the seasonings, and serve with crusty bread.

In case you were wondering, the Little One ate a whole plate!


37 thoughts on “Another Wasted Wednesday

  1. Perfect for the cold weather, and thank you for inspiring me to add some lentils to our evening stew! 😀 I’ve been thinking about doing a daily/weekly shot too, since Claire is going to do one. Need to give it some more thought (where and when?…) and will get back to you!

    • Hubby would eat lentils 5 nights a week – as long as there was meat to go with it. Silly man…
      It would be wonderful if you could join the “club”…just pick a spot, and shoot it. There really are no rules…
      We’re not good with rules, you know 😉

  2. The View Club .. We are so good!! Hope we get a few more on board because i love the idea. It is getting so dark now at 4! i could just see our Daisy puddling up the street to chomp on your pumpkins! I shall send her exactly at 4. Or maybe a cardboard cut out! c

  3. The stew looks SO good!! I can almost smell it. We are still very warm but cooler weather is coming soon. I wished I had taken a picture of the big pecan tree by the drive way. On Tuesday, in honor of the election, it burst forth with bright yellow leaves. Oh, I have a suggestion for all you “C” girls. Plan a trip and get together…. perhaps down the road a bit, in a year or just when everyone can come. What fun you would have!!! Think about it!! I enjoy everyone’s comments

  4. Great idea to get others into your View Club. I’d join if only there was a view to share. I’m afraid homes in Chicago that come with a view were — and are — far outside my price range. 🙂
    Your lentil soup looks just perfect for these gray days. I’ve got most of the ingredients and will have to make myself a pot. You’ve inspired me, Marie. Thanks!

  5. I might be interested in getting involved in your View Club although I am ignorant when it comes to linking up and badges and all that extra bloggy stuff. Let me know what I would need to know/do and I will busy myself with thinking of a location to share. I quite enjoy your 4 o’clock photo, by the way.

    • When Celi says badges, she means actual things you pin on your blouse. (I think.) Most of us are more into the writing/photographing part than the tech stuff…
      I hope you’ll play along – just leave a comment when you put one up saying “I Did It!”, and we’ll find it!

  6. I notice you didn’t add any wine to the stew but kept it back for the cook, very sensible Marie !
    Ooo that looks, dark and wet and brr to me, and I still need to plant the garlic, had planned on doing it this week but hey ho!
    What about the Sightseeing club 🙂

  7. You started a new trend, you go girl. 🙂 It certainly does look like indoor weather, we are seeing some of that too, but it is the heat driving us in. It is slowly starting starting to feel like summer here. That recipe, do you think it would work without the sausages?

    • It would work, but I think you’d need something to punch-up the flavor a bit…I suppose sauteing the apples in bacon fat is out? Maybe someone who does more vegetarian cooking than I do can chime-in. Remember, Im married to the guy who thinks I’m trying to starve him if there’s no meat 😉

  8. Doesn’t sound like a wasted day at all. We had rain, snow, and rain. The sun has come out this morning and hopefully the snow will start melting. I’m not ready for snow…snow stakes aren’t in the ground and the snow blower isn’t on my tractor.

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