It’s only Two Hours Away…

Windy. As in, 70 mph gusts.

Cold. Like, 38F, with a wind-chill of 24.

Occasionally, heavy rain.

Ugly weather.

Angel and I spent the afternoon in the house…

Making brownies, and sporting our New Aprons – a gift from my Mom.

Thanks, Granny!

(Probably should have combed my hair after coming in from the School Run…but, whatever.)

Meanwhile, two hours north at Niko’s house…

There was 6 inches of snow on the ground, and no wind to speak of.

I’m told it was fun…

The 4 O’Clock:


No 4 o’clock tomorrow – Angel and I are on the way up to see if there’s any snow left for us!


16 thoughts on “It’s only Two Hours Away…

  1. You both look spiffy in the aprons. I’m glad you sent a picture!! I hope that you find some snow when you get to Niko’s house. Our weather will change tomorrow but not much rain expected. Have fun!!

  2. I love fancy aprons! Yours are lovely. And your hair is just fine. Love the pictures of the boys in the snow. Is Niko the big boy? His ears are great. I stretched mine out, too, but not nearly that big: just enough to let light through it I take out the jewelry, heehee.

  3. Absolutely love the “Apron Shot”, Marie, and lucky Niko that Dad was there to help him build a snowman. Hope they left some snow for Angel to play in. šŸ™‚
    Have a great weekend.

  4. The Brownie making looks like fun. Brownies are something that are quite new here, but I do like them. I love the aprons, they look like lots of fun, and how funny to have matching ones. I can’t wait to see Angel in the snow.

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