Adventures in Babysitting

I gotta’ admit – I didn’t know if I was up for this…

Angel and I drove up to Central Mass yesterday, not to hang out with everyone, or go ‘do something,’ but to spend the day with Niko, while his Mama and Daddy went to lunch and a movie to celebrate their anniversary.

Just me, a three-year-old, and a not-quite-two, who isn’t used to being away from his parents…

I was a little worried that we’d all end up in tears by the time they got back.

Everything turned out fine. We had one or two moments where the Little Man looked around and said, “Mom?” and was reassured that she’d be back…

They did do a lot of creative “cooking”.

Thank Goodness.

We had lunch.

Sort of.

I think they were mostly telling jokes, from the look of things.

While we didn’t get to play in the snow (too icy by the time we arrived), no one seemed too disappointed. Angel stuck her hand in it on the way back to the car and said, “It’s COLD!”

Well, yeah. I guess she forgot that part…

A 4 O’Clock, Of Sorts:

From my daughter’s balcony, looking west(ish) towards the Berkshires.

Not our normal view, but a nice one…




23 thoughts on “Adventures in Babysitting

  1. Wow your daughter has the most amazing view and OF COURSE you were up for it.. Piece of cake gran! I did love the shots of the kids in the play kitchen, I am going to pop this on my daughter-in -laws FB page .. she is looking at buying a mini kitchen and I am sure she would be amused at the cousin stuffing the other cousin into the stove.. c!

  2. Looks like Angel is a very good cousin, keeping Niko happy and entertained. Very cute pictures, and I love her overalls! And lovely 4 o’clock, too.

  3. Such a smile-inducing post, Marie. It looks like those two sure did enjoy themselves. Glad your Daughter and SIL were able to get away for their anniversary and, better still, that Niko “allowed” it. Then again, you brought your Li’l Angel (AKA The Charmer”) and Niko was mesmerized by his older cousin. Grandma’s are smart. 🙂

  4. It looks like they were getting along so well that it must have made it easy to look after them. I laughed looking at the photos, it must have been really funny being there with them. It is so good they do get along. I love it when children are having a funny time together and just laugh.

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