No Jackets!

Nearly 70F yesterday.


My Little Helper and I got some Outside Work done. I might have started the morning in a sweat jacket, but it didn’t take long for it to become a Fence Decoration…

We pulled all of the supports out of the vegetable garden, and trundled them to the basement for the winter.

The first bed is cleaned out, except for a few carrots, and some baby lettuces that were hiding amongst the weeds.

Another front is on our doorstep this morning, bringing wind, rain, and cold…The windy-rainy part will be gone by tomorrow, and I’ll bundle-up and get the garlic planted while Angel plays with Miss Jackie.

At least, that’s The Plan For Now.

The 4 O’Clock:

Still Warm.

So, where’s the dog?

Why is she down by the compost pile?

Guarding, while Angel and Uncle tossed rocks in the ditch.


22 thoughts on “No Jackets!

  1. Can you believe this crazy weather. We went to Maine yesterday to check on the cottage and no jackets were required there either…that is New England weather for you.

  2. Looks lovely! We have the heater on this morning for the first time since January. Definitely feels like “fall” is finally here in Central Texas. And hooray garlic! I just sowed some more last weekend.

  3. We had that warm burst on the weekend, too. Then the winds came and blew it over to you. It all ended with a little snow on the ground late last night. I’d better get the snowblower out, gassed up, and started. And so it begins …

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