Wildlife Wednesday: Can Coyotes See Infra-Red?

Due to the nasty weather/time constraints/lack of Uncle James over the last few weeks, it had been a while since the memory cards on the wildlife camera were pulled. There were several really good images, but these two, taken just moments apart,ย stuck out.

Isn’t that a beautiful face?

Ten seconds later, she’s checking out the camera.

Now, when these cameras take pictures in the dark, the area in focus is lit by dozens of IR (infra-red) LED’s. It’s invisible to the human eye when they fire, but this photo made me wonder about they animals’ vision…

Or, maybe, she could hear the shutter click. That’s out of my range, too.

Although, maybe not for Younger Humans, with no history of Rock Concerts….

There will be lots more to share from this batch, including Before and After the Storms photos.

The 4 O’Clock:

We got up yesterday to 62 degrees, and fog. By 10:30, the temp was down to 48. At 4 pm, it was a rain-lashed 39…Brrr!


23 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday: Can Coyotes See Infra-Red?

  1. Ok, now I’m wondering if Angels with short legs are safe in the garden. Are the coyotes only nocturnal and hopefully shy of larger humans? Laura

    • I don’t worry about ‘our’ coyotes. They’re socialized to fear humans, and don’t see us as a food source. I do worry that one of the neighbors will will kill the pack that lives here, and another will move in…that will be dicey, until they learn the rules.
      And, right now, a certain Old Dog doesn’t let Angel out of her sight when we’re in the yard ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yes, a beautiful face – maybe it’s just her sixth sense that made her take a good look at the camera! Your 4 o’clock does look chilly, but still some lovely colour in the landscape.

  3. Definitely a beautiful face, and looking forward to seeing the rest of the batch Marie.
    We’re lighting fires here now, pretty brrr, but I’m determinded that the heating won’t go on for a while yet !

  4. That coyote in the first pic seems too perfect, almost unreal. You could be right about the camera making some sort of inaudible sounds. Either that or you’ve got one nosey coyote sniffin’ around. Have you seen any roadrunners about?

  5. I saw the coyotes early this morning but did not have time to leave a message. It was, of course, a long drive, but I arrived safely. Will try and post tomorrow.

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