Garlic is In!

If I had to give up gardening, the last thing to go would be the garlic… Nothing else gives such a satisfying return on investment. You purchase the heads, separate the cloves, plant them in a trench, and dig up whole heads months later.


Once you have a good crop going, save the biggest and best to replant. In a few seasons, you’ll have a steady supply for both the kitchen and the garden that are perfect for both your taste and growing conditions.

I grow hardneck garlic, for its spicy flavor and big, fat cloves – that’s it on the left – as well as softnecks, which keep longer in storage. Good flavor, good keeper, but a much smaller clove, as you can see.

It was lovely yesterday morning, just sitting in the Upper Garden in the chilly sunshine while I separated the heads into cloves. It was a little windy; unkind to the fingers, but a big help when trying to get the papery outer skins away from the garlic.

I had good company, too.

She’s waiting for the deer she chased off to come back…

So, that’s done. 70 hardnecks, 60 soft. Could have planted more, but the bed is full…

Next year, we’re going to need a bigger one, I guess.

The 4 O’Clock:

Soft light, brisk breeze.


19 thoughts on “Garlic is In!

  1. You picked a good day to get the garlic planted – a bit of sunshine makes it seem like less of a chore. I finally got my garlic in the ground, but am now wondering if there’s space for just a bit more…

  2. I envy you your garlic, Madam! I wish I could plant some but that’s just not possible. I’ve no choice but to enjoy your garlic successes from afar — and hope my “garlic man” at the farmers market returns next April.

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