The Storms, Through the Camera’s Eye

Just a lovely, fall day, in the lens of he stationary camera. No critters to be seen – the wind must have triggered the shutter.

Where, exactly, is this camera?

Here, in the bright red circle. The camera itself faces south along the boundary wall.

You might recognize this scene from the 4 O’Clock shot?

Monday, the 29th. The winds were still fierce, and a large limb fell in front of the camera.

The 10th of November, and the Nor’easter has come and gone. There is a giant crack in the trunk of the black cherry tree across the wall, on the upper-left.

That won’t be fun, when it goes…

On a human scale, we didn’t lose anything. Our house is safe, our road is passable (after a little quick work with the small chainsaw. Stupid willow tree….).

We’ve got even more than usual to be Thankful for this year.

The 4 O’Clock:

Hey! Who took my sunshine?


13 thoughts on “The Storms, Through the Camera’s Eye

  1. That black cherry tree isn’t lookin’ too good. I wonder if it will make it through the Winter? If it does fall, I hope it doesn’t block the camera angle. No sense adding insult to injury.
    And recent events sure have reminded us that we have much to be thankful for.

  2. Good to see a few shots over a few days Marie, and I’m really starting to get a feel for your garden/land – where everything is in relation to each other.
    And yup someone stoll my sunshine, its windy and bitterly cold, and I’m meant to be planting garlic, somehow I’m not feeling a great rush of desire to get out there and plant !

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