Join the Club!

The View Club, that is!

Ok, so I messed up last night, and forgot to take the 4 O’Clock. Angel and I were doing a Project that included scissors and glue, and the next thing I knew, it was dark outside.

Here’s the same view, at sunrise this morning:

And, a quick round-up of those participating, with links:

Celi, The Kitchen’s Gardens (Daily)

Linda, Life on a Colorado Farm (Once a week, posted on Thursdays)

Claire, Promenade Plantings (Once a week, posted when she has the chance)

Cathy, Words and Herbs (Tuesdays at Two)

Did I miss anyone? Drop me a comment if I did, and I’ll add your link to the list!

Want to play? Just pick a spot, and photograph it at regular intervals, and post your shot. You can see from the list that there is plenty of room for creativity in the timing!

Playing or not, enjoy watching the seasons change in different corners of the world!

I’m taking tomorrow off – wishing everyone a sunny weekend!




18 thoughts on “Join the Club!

  1. Sunrise my favorite time of day. Too bad I can’t get up that early. I think I will finally join the View Club! I haven’t been able to find a good spot to take the same picture at the same time every day, but I can commit to a couple times a week. Going with that timing, I can think of a couple perfect spots. Yay!

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