In Fading Light

In the fading light of a November afternoon, there is a peaceful moment.

The chores are finished. The lists for the active days ahead are drawn-up. The Household rests.

Over in the woods, the leaves are rustling. Not from the wind, but from the small animals seeking out a shelter for the night that’s fast approaching. The Old Dog leans against my knee, more interested in the Comfort of Home, than the Thrill of the Hunt.

Wishing all of you a moment of calm this week.

The 4 O’Clock:

It’s a good start.


34 thoughts on “In Fading Light

  1. I visited some of the other bloggers that are doing photos. They are all great. I’ll have more time when I get home!! I enjoy the images you paint with words. I can almost hear the small animals moving around in the leaves. hugs to everyone, please.

  2. Such a nice post today, Marie. Very autumnal. We’re basking in 50+ degree weather all week and all the little varmints are hard at work topping off their larders. May they have plenty of time to finish the job!

    • Sadly, yes – it will get darker. When I worked at the market, I would arrive at work just before 7 am, in darkness, and leave at 5 pm, and the stars would be back… 4:15 is our earliest sunset, right around December 21st.

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