Baby Steps

I’m getting back to business here… Spent yesterday doing a Spice Cabinet Inventory, and moving them from the cabinet to a Spice Drawer ( a much smarter arrangement for a Short Gal ). Went through another kitchen cabinet and threw away the things that had been living in the Far Reaches for so many years that no one could remember their origins…

It helped. A Lot.

So, The 4 O’Clock is above. I’ve angled it slightly to the West to get more of the sunset. If you click on it to see the larger version, you can just make out the silhouette of the dog…


24 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. My kitchen has had a “date check”. I am amazed how many things were out of date….. by several years!!! Baking powder with a 2 year old expiration date is scary!! Have a good day, I’m making cookies this morning.

  2. Every now and then, i purge my spice shelf and then replace them, as needed. It’s not a perfect system but it’s far better than waiting till they’re used up. That could take years. Believe me, I know. 😉
    That 4:00 is getting mighty dark, Marie. Ugh!

    • I discovered just how many duplicates I had when I moved them to the drawer…3 jars of bay leaves? Really? And why would I ever buy large jars of spices that I *might* use a half-teaspoon of in a year?
      The trash is going to be heavy, when it goes out after sunrise! 😉

  3. Beautiful sky in your 4 O’Clock. I keep forgetting that you east coasters go dark about 30 minutes before we do. (We’re on eastern time, too, but far enough west that it makes a difference.)

  4. I like the new angle, the hint of the setting sun. I need to do something with all my spices, I have so so many. They keep falling off the shelves we have them on. Actually I could do with a whole new kitchen. 🙂

    • Couldn’t we all? Hubby had the kitchen redone right before we started dating…it wasn’t designed with a Short Girl in mind 🙂
      As long as it’s not pouring, I can use that new angle – it requires standing a bit too close to the elements for the camera’s safety in bad weather.

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