Just a Dusting

snow on the lamb's ears

The Event that Angel has been waiting for happened yesterday morning…

“Grandmom! It’s SNOWING!!!!”

Well…a teeny, tiny bit, anyway.

She was quite frustrated when she couldn’t catch the flakes on the fly…

snow slide

But we found a spot with a light coating.


Mmmmm, snow!

And, Taste!

So, there you have it – our First Snow of the Season.

Today, the temperature will climb to the mid 50’s… So strange.

No 4 O’Clock yesterday…Oops.


19 thoughts on “Just a Dusting

  1. I am with Claire, I never get tired of the snow, especially catching flakes on your tongue.. and we are also rocketing up today, the doors and windows are already open and it is only 6.51am! .. fingers crossed it is good tomorrow, o’hare closes at the drop of a hat! c

  2. I know Angel is young and there’s no real harm done. Still, it is best to wait at least until January before sampling the snow crop. One’s patience will be rewarded with full-flavored flakes and a larger harvest to pick and enjoy.

  3. great pictures!! Does she remember playing in the snow last winter? I think James is in the photos. Even a dusting was exciting. Thanks for the pictures and the story.

  4. She isn’t the only one waiting for it, I am so excited. I waited and waited for it last year and it didn’t seem to happen, so I am glad you got some, tell Angel I’m with her, so exciting.

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