All on a Golden Afternoon

A Warm Winter Walk

It’s a rare thing, to have a December Day like we had on Monday…Leggings and light jackets, and cool, golden sunshine…

Wagon - ing

The Girl and her Grandad went for a pre-nap walk, around 1:30.

Days like this can NOT be wasted!

Under the Oak Tree

As I write this, it’s a raw, damp, cloudy morning. The Girl is still snoozing, resting up for Adventure Friday, though, truly, it’s been Adventure Week, this past week…

I’ll tell you ALL about it, come Sunday Morning…

The 4 O’Clock:

December 6, 2012 4 pm

Cold and Clear yesterday…Two more weeks until the Longest Night of the Year.


28 thoughts on “All on a Golden Afternoon

  1. Looks like you made the most of a sunny winter’s day. I like the idea of it being the longest night of the year – somehow sounds a lot more positive than the shortest day.

  2. Your whole family out for a wagon ride!! It has been a warm winter here but Sunday and Monday the bottom may fall out!!! Have fun on your adventure today. Sarah has hugs for you!!

  3. Sounds like we’re on the same roller coaster. We hit 70˚ on Monday before plummeting. Sure felt good to be outdoors, kinda like stealing a couple days from Old Man Winter.
    2 more weeks. Where did the year go? Look how Angel has grown! Is that a new “do” she’s sporting? She’s such a doll.

    • Didn’t make it to 70, but the city got up in the mid-60’s…not unheard-of, but I’m ready for it to settle down now.
      Yep, our girl got a haircut! There’s a picture of Auntie Sarah at 3 that sits on my dresser, with her hair cut short. Angel’ LOVES it, and told me she wanted her hair cut ‘just like that!’ It’s not exactly the same, but she loves it. I love that we don’t have tears every morning when we comb it anymore…

  4. Those photos just caputre those perfect moments of happiness!l My grandmother only had a little “box brownie” camera (back in the day) but was always snapping me with my grandfather (even though film must have been hidesouly expensive) and I treasure those photos now 🙂

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